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There are a lot of factors that go into successful rehabilitation from a drug or alcohol addiction. For instance, admitting there’s a problem and striving to take the necessary steps to kick the addiction is the first step – and arguably the most important step in the process. But there are a lot more variables that all factor into a successful outcome, which is obviously what is desired. One is where one decides to seek treatment. Another is what type of treatment one decides to undergo.

There’s also a slew of different treatment methods that people can choose to take, such as the 12-step program. But one type of treatment that is gaining momentum across the nation is what’s known as wilderness drug rehabilitation. It’s an alternative program that replaces a conventional treatment facility with Mother Nature. Specifically, it consists of life skills therapy through outdoor recreational activities such as biking, hiking, camping, horseback riding, fishing, and more. The goal is to eliminate the unhealthy habits in an addict’s life by replacing them with a variety of the aforementioned healthy ones.

Wilderness drug rehabilitation originated in California and in parts of the Midwest, and, as previously mentioned, is gaining momentum throughout the country for its high success rate among patients that are uninterested in conventional addiction treatment or for those that weren’t rehabilitated successfully through traditional means. Vermont is one state that this treatment is becoming popular in – and as you may already know, Vermont has no shortage of outdoor recreation opportunities.

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Wilderness Drug Rehab in Vermont

From Lake Champlain to its various peaks and mountain ranges, Vermont is somewhat of an outdoor lover’s paradise, making it a prime location for wilderness rehabilitation.

Hiking is one of the most popular wilderness rehab activities in Vermont. Bald Mountain is one such venue that’s ideal for hiking. Actually encompassing parts of both Vermont and New York, the trail crosses various mountain peaks, streams, and meanders through wooded areas. Silver Lake Campground is another popular hiking and camping area, which is only accessible for those willing to take a 0.6-mile hike from a nearby service road.

While the aforementioned Silver Lake Campground is one venue for camping as well as hiking, there are plenty more areas for camping during treatment in the great outdoors. Another venue is Green Mountain & Finger Lakes National Forest, which offers visitors a bit of everything in addition to camping.

One of the crown jewels of outdoor recreation therapy in Vermont is its Lake Champlain. Unsurprisingly, this lake also offers a lot for those interested in observing wildlife in and around the lake. Specifically, those that take to the lake can expect to see the likes of bullfrogs, toads, snakes (both non-venomous and venomous), to various species of birds, to fish such as bass, walleye, northern pike, catfish, perch, and even trout. There are many more areas in Vermont to wildlife watch, but none may be as notable as Lake Champlain.

Horseback riding is another therapeutic activity that can help you during recovery in Vermont – and another such activity that wilderness rehabilitation programs include in their programming. Silver Lake Campground is one such area where horseback riding is available. Another is the Moosalamoo National Recreational Area, a 15,000-plus acre park that offers a bevy of other activities, such as biking, camping, and biking as well.

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