New Hampshire Wilderness Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Patients who want to make a full recovery from their substance abuse struggles need to take the time to carefully evaluate the different program options to see what rehab will work best for them. Different programs will have various approaches that will benefit patients with individual needs and preferences. Here is what patients should know about programs in New Hampshire.

Rehab Program Options in New Hampshire

When patients and their loved ones start investigating the different rehab options, they will quickly find that programs tend to fall under one of two classifications: inpatient or outpatient. Outpatient programs tend to be ideal for those who have responsibilities, such as work or family obligations, from which they cannot get away. These programs will provide help and support through regular meetings and therapies. Inpatient programs, on the other hand, will provide patients with support and guidance 24 hours per day, 7 days per week along with various therapies. These programs tend to be most beneficial for those in need of more intensive treatment. Under these two classifications, there will be various types of treatment. Some might use the popular 12-step program while others might use medication-based treatment. Alternative programs have also been growing in popularity.

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Alternative and holistic programs tend to focus more on helping the entire person. There are a variety of different types of alternative therapies, from art therapy to meditation. One such example, outdoor and wilderness adventures, have become increasingly popular. These types of therapies can be a wonderful opportunity for patients to retreat from the world and remove themselves from the stresses that make them more likely to use various substances. Being outdoors can also help patients challenge themselves, which can boost self-esteem and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Outdoor and Wilderness Programs in New Hampshire


New Hampshire offers stunning scenery that makes it an attractive place to go hiking while experiencing outdoor rehabilitation for addiction. Hiking is a wonderfully therapeutic activity. Participants can select trails and landscapes based upon their skill levels and their preferences. Patients can find a trail that will both challenge and reward them, offering them wonderful opportunities to boost their confidence. There are hundreds of places to go hiking in the state, but Albany Notch Trailhead, Appalachia Trailhead, and Baker Pond Trailhead are all excellent places to get started.


Camping makes it easy for patients seeking sobriety to get close to nature. Spending a few days out in the wilderness can give patients the time they need to remove themselves from their stressors and focus on their recovery. New Hampshire has a number of places available for camping for people to explore. Basin Campground, Cold River, and Crocker Pond Campground are all excellent options for those looking for the right place to begin their camping trip.

Wilderness Viewing

Animals are incredible and inspiring creatures that can help remind patients of their talents and worth within their own communities. Patients can explore local wildlife from some beautiful locations throughout the state. Blackwater Dam, Deer Hill Wildlife Viewing, and Edward MacDowell Lake are perfect for this purpose.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding has been hailed by many professionals as an excellent form of therapy. As people learn to ride horses, they are challenged physically and mentally. Patients will learn to improve their self-control and self-esteem. In New Hampshire, the White Mountain National Forest is an excellent and picturesque place to try this activity.

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For patients or loved ones who want to learn more about wildlife and outdoor challenges as well as what they can offer those in rehab, is an abundant resource. Contact us for help getting your life back on track.


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