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Ohio Rehab CentersThe Buckeye State of Ohio is the 7th most populated state in the USA and remains an industrial leader, despite many economic setbacks in recent years. Six Ohio cities have populations above 100,000 people, including Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, and Cincinnati. Ohio’s geographical location between the Great Lakes and the Ohio River has always made the state a prime location for doing business, and Ohio’s diverse economy would be the world’s 20th largest were it an independent country. Its important economic sectors include automobile manufacturing, defense and aerospace technology, agriculture, and steel production. Despite its outdated Rust Belt reputation, Ohio remains a vibrant and vital American state.

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But like most densely populated areas in America, drug and alcohol abuse is a problem for many Ohioans. According to US government statistics, prescription drug abuse and heroin addiction are more common than in other states, and deaths caused directly by drug abuse in Ohio (14.7 for 100,000 people) are higher than the national average (12.7 per 100,000). Fortunately, many excellent rehab facilities, both publicly and privately funded, serve the people of Ohio.

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