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Kansas Rehab CentersMuch of the lore of the Old West was born in Dodge City, Kansas, where you can still see cowpokes today, riding their doggies on the old range. Of course, that’s mostly a show for tourists because Kansas today is a diverse state with a varied economy. Agriculture plays a big part of that economy, with eastern Kansas anchored firmly in the Corn Belt and cattle production dominant in the western part of the state. But Kansas is not all farm and grazing land. Most of the people live in its major cities such as Kansas City and Topeka, while Lawrence houses the University of Kansas and boasts of many eclectic features one finds in college towns across America.

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But like most places in the U.S., drug and alcohol abuse persists. Roughly 7 percent of Kansas adults reported using illicit drugs in the past year, slightly below the national average of 8 percent, with marijuana being the most commonly abused drug. Prescription drug abuse is on the rise in Kansas, however, methamphetamine lab seizures have been steadily declining over the past 10 years. And like many states in America, Kansas is home to numerous alcohol and drug rehab facilities staffed by caring professionals.

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