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Maryland Rehab CentersMaryland has a unique and indelible place in American history—after all, the District of Columbia was carved mostly out of Maryland land. And today, Washington, D.C. dominates Maryland’s economy and serves as the backyard of the federal government. But Maryland is also a manufacturing and transportation hub, with many industries making their homes in the state. Additionally, Maryland has a strong agricultural economy and is famous for its Chesapeake Bay seafood. Located between north and south in the heart of the Washington-Boston corridor, Maryland is at the center of it all.

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Alcohol and drug abuse among Maryland’s busy residents is slightly below national averages, according to US government statistics. However, deaths caused directly by drug abuse in Maryland are above the national average, quite possibly because heroin abuse is more common in Maryland than abuse of other drugs. In cities like Baltimore and Annapolis, addiction is easily seen. For example, in 2010, more than 10,000 Marylanders who were admitted to rehab centers reported heroin addiction as the cause of their hospital stays. But with its close proximity to population centers, Maryland is home to many excellent rehabilitation facilities that offer a number of varied and tested therapies.

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