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Pennsylvania Rehab CentersAs far as American states go, few have had as much historical and economic impact as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Not only was the Keystone State instrumental in forging American independence in the 18th century, but oil was first discovered there in the 19th century, and the state lead the world in steel production for most of the 20th century. Today, more than 12 million people and 50 Fortune 500 companies call Pennsylvania home, many based in the state’s two major metropolitan regions of Philadelphia in the east and Pittsburgh in the west. Manufacturing, agriculture, energy production, and banking dominate the state’s economy.

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Alcohol and drug abuse in Pennsylvania tells a familiar story. Although the number of adults using illicit drugs in the last month is below the national average, according to US government statistics, the rate of drug-related deaths is above the national average. One reason for this higher death rate is that heroin is a commonly abused drug according to rehab admission records, with marijuana, cocaine, and other opiates following closely behind. Big states often have big drug problems, but they also have excellent rehab facilities to help people recover their lives. PA has seen a huge increase in prescription drug abuse. New painkillers like Opana, and even Zohydro which is soon to be released will probably show a spike in teen drug abuse. Finding quality treatment in Pennsylvania is vital to a successful recovery.

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