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Alabama Rehab CentersFamous for the rich soil of the Black Belt, proud and diverse Alabama has always been a major agricultural producer. But today, Alabama is leading the New South into the 21st century with its thriving high-tech manufacturing and aerospace industries. The state’s warm climate and friendly people make it a great place to live. Cities like Birmingham and Huntsville include some of the most educated folks in America, as Alabama transitions from a mostly agricultural economy to a more diversified one that includes shipping, manufacturing, and banking industries.

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Hard-working Alabamians, however, sometimes succumb to alcohol or drug abuse. US government statistics reveal that drug abuse in Alabama is slightly below the national average, affecting only about 7 percent of the population in recent surveys by the Centers for Disease Control. Rates of alcohol abuse in Alabama are closer to the national average. In response, many excellent drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers offer Alabamians a variety of ways to recover their lives from substance abuse and addiction. Locating the right addiction rehabilitation center in Alabama can be tough.

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