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Rhode Island Rehab CentersRhode Island is famous for being the smallest state in the Union in land area: one can almost fit the entire state within the city limits of Los Angeles or Chicago. Home to a little more than 1 million people, most of them living in Providence and its suburbs, Rhode Island today has a solid economy and a high standard of living for all its residents. Once a fishing and industrial base, Rhode Island’s contemporary economy has strong healthcare, banking, and education sectors, with some significant industry still remaining. The state’s economic output seems small until one compares it to the per capita economic output of other states.

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Rhode Island’s small population makes it one of the most unique states in America. That small, mostly urban population ranks in the top ten in many categories of drug use tracked by the US government. For example, in 2008, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health ranked Rhode Island at the top in the proportion of adults who have used illicit drugs within the previous month at 13 percent, far above the 8-percent national average. Among those admitted to drug rehab facilities, heroin was the most commonly cited drug of abuse, followed by marijuana and cocaine. But Rhode Island’s strong healthcare industry is ready to help Rhode Islanders recover from drug abuse.

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