15 Rhode Island Dual Diagnosis Rehab Centers

Rhode Island Dual Diagnosis Rehab CentersDrug addiction is not purely physical. When people become dependent on drugs, there is almost always a psychological or mental component to their drug use. While detoxification can eliminate drugs from a person’s system–removing the physical addiction from the equation–detox alone is not enough to stop a person from using again.

For long-term success, rehabilitation must treat the underlying mental illnesses that cause many addicts to start abusing drugs or alcohol in the first place. Dual diagnosis programs provide counseling to treat patients’ mental health issues along with their addictions, ensuring they leave with the tools they need to continue on a substance-free path.

Rates of Mental Illness in Rhode Island

In a CBS news report on the saddest states in the U.S., Rhode Island was given the unfortunate distinction as the most depressed state in the nation. Depression is not the only mental health disorder that leads individuals to abuse drugs and alcohol, though, and a breakdown of the state’s combined mental illness by the CDC shows these rates:

  • Serious psychological distress: 4.7 percent (2007)
  • Postpartum depression/depressive symptoms: 13.9 percent (2008)
  • Current depression: 8.6 percent (2006)
  • Adults who received a diagnosis of depression in their lifetime: 16.8 percent (2006). The diagnosis of depression in women is nearly twice the diagnosis rates of depression in men at 20.7 percent to men’s 11.2 percent. Rates are highest among Caucasians at 17.3 percent, while African Americans come in at 12.3 percent and Hispanics at 12.8 percent.
  • Adults who received diagnosis of anxiety in their lifetime: 13.2 percent (2006)

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Dual Diagnosis Facilities in Rhode Island for Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

Butler Hospital, Providence

With medical detoxification and partial hospitalization programs, Butlers Hospital drug and alcohol treatment services provide help for adults and teenagers in Providence. Dual diagnosis treatment focuses on the mental health issues of individuals as well as their addictions, and ASL assistance is provided for the hearing impaired.

Tri Hab King House, Woonsocket

At Tri Hab King House in Woonsocket, dual diagnosis treatment helps clients work through their mental health issues as they go through long-term, inpatient drug rehabilitation of 60, 90, or 120 days. The program accepts all types of insurance, including private, state, military, and Medicaid, with loans available for those in need of financial assistance.

Newport County Community Mental Health Center, Middletown

Offering both mental health and addiction services on an outpatient basis, Newport County Community Mental Health Center dual diagnosis treatment in Middletown is ideal for anyone who is uncomfortable with inpatient, or even partial hospitalization, treatment. The facility provides ASL assistance for the hearing impaired, and accepts nearly all major insurances.

Going through addiction rehabilitation is never easy, but it is even more difficult when dealing with an untreated mental illness. True recovery from a drug addiction requires treatment of the underlying mental health issues involved, not just the physical condition itself. A dual diagnosis facility addresses all of the factors that lead addicts to use, increasing the chance of long-term success.

When you are ready to walk down your road to freedom from substance abuse, reach out to us at RehabCenter.net. We can help you find the right dual diagnosis treatment center to help ensure your rehabilitation from addiction is a life-long one.

We can help you find the right dual diagnosis treatment center to help ensure your rehabilitation from addiction is a life-long one.


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