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Holistic Approaches For Treating Addiction

by Anjali Talcherkar, M.A.

Substance use disorders are among the most costly medical and public health problems in the United States, with 23 million individuals needing treatment annually, but only 25 % of them actually receiving it. This figure is largely due to lack of access and financial resources for many Americans. Additionally, 90% of U.S. addiction treatment centers […]

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RehabCenter.net Creating A Lasting Change Through Mindfulness

Creating A Lasting Change Through Mindfulness

by Matt Wagner, LPC, NCC

It’s currently late January, a time of year when many people focus on behaviors and habits. Many try to focus on New Year’s resolutions, and those have varying degrees of success – largely because making significant changes can be a challenge. At any point throughout the year, taking a mindfulness-based approach of our attitudes towards […]

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RehabCenter.net How long will I be on Suboxone_

How Long Will I Be On Suboxone?

by Dr. Jonathan Robertson, D.O.

  Many people in our society are dependent on opioids. Some are addicted. Is there a difference? There surely is. Dependency is a physical characteristic. It begins and ends with the question of whether or not you will experience withdrawal if you quit a drug. In my practice area those drugs are opioids. Addiction is […]

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RehabCenter.net Recovery From Addiction 6 Steps for Family Members

Recovery From Addiction: 6 Steps for Family Members

by Adam C. DeVaney, LLMSW

There is a lot of information in the world today about overcoming personal addiction.  This can sometimes leave the families of drug dependent people wondering what their role is in the recovery process.  What can they do?  What should they avoid doing?  How do they cope with either the addiction or the recovery process? While […]

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RehabCenter.net Mindfulness Helped the Cubs Imagine what it can do for your Recovery

Mindfulness Helped the Cubs, Imagine What It Can Do For Your Recovery

by Adam C. DeVaney, LLMSW

In today’s world full of trends in recovery, self-help and self-improvement, one thing that is talked about is: Mindfulness. What exactly is mindfulness? How can it be applied to recovery, and are there any concrete examples of how this practice can help us overcome our challenges and create the life we want? The answers may […]

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RehabCenter.net Can I Use Suboxone if I am in Drug Court_

Can I Use Suboxone if I am in Drug Court?

by Adam C. DeVaney, LLMSW

For many, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT-often called “Suboxone Therapy”) is a viable option to address their opioid use disorder.  While MAT is not for everyone, the success of this type of therapy is unmatched in the recovery field. Drug Courts The question that comes up for many opioid addicted clients is whether they have a […]

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RehabCenter.net Not all interventions are created the same

Motivational Interviewing, CRAFT, and ARISE Interventions

by Adi Jaffe, Ph.D.

We all know the problem and many of us have struggled with it firsthand – addicts don’t always want to go into treatment even when they obviously need help. We’ve heard the reasons too, from lack of motivation to denial to flat out lying. Fortunately, the reasoning we’ve been given is very often wrong and […]

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RehabCenter.net What is a Drug Court_

What is a Drug Court?

by Adam C. DeVaney, LLMSW

Since their beginnings in 1989, drug courts have appeared in all 50 states. What exactly are these courts? How are people treated differently? What does the research show on how effective they are? Here’s what we do know. What is a Drug Court? In 1989, officials in Miami-Dade County, Florida instituted the nation’s first drug […]

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RehabCenter.net Marijuana Its Addictive Nature and Its Use in Treating Addictions

Marijuana: Its Addictive Nature and Its Use in Treating Addictions

by Jason Simpkins

Doctors and researchers have long sought out ways to cure disease, heal the sick, and tend to those in pain. This has led to many miraculous breakthroughs and discoveries, as well as treatments that have changed society and stirred public debate, like the use of marijuana medically. Marijuana has a long and controversial history when […]

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RehabCenter.net Buprenorphine Naloxone Treatment for Opioid Use Disorders Case Study Jeff

Buprenorphine/Naloxone Treatment for Opioid Use Disorders Case Study: Jeff

by Adam C. DeVaney, LLMSW

Today, Jeff and I are checking in.  For the last 7 months, Jeff had been stable on a combination of Buprenorphine and Naloxone (Suboxone, Zubsolv, etc): One to stop his withdrawal and physical cravings and one to block any high he might get if he did use.  Jeff has also been in counseling once a […]

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