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Restoril (Temazepam) Abuse And Addiction

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Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

February 13, 2019

Restoril, a powerful prescription tranquilizer is prescribed to individuals with insomnia. This drug, however, is also very addicting. Individuals suffering from an addiction to this substance should understand as much as possible about it so they can get the treatment that they need.

Understanding Restoril Abuse

Restoril is a brand of temazepam, prescribed as a short-term treatment for insomnia, typically for no more than 7 to 10 days. It is potent and not designed for long-term use. Like any other drug, it has several side effects. For example, it will quickly cause drowsiness, which may lead to problems with coordination, dizziness, and even falls.

One of the most potent of these side effects is addiction. When taken in large doses, tolerance to Restoril can increase. This can cause bigger doses and a potential for physical dependence. Physical dependence can then slowly increase into an addiction, especially if insomnia symptoms worsen during treatment.

Another reason that Restoril is addictive is that it is a benzodiazepine or a benzo. These types of drugs alter a person’s mental chemistry and compel them to use more heavily. As a result, Restoril can be addictive even when used as prescribed.

However, it is possible to use benzos illicitly or without a prescription. When abused illicitly, benzos enhance the effects of other substances, lower anxiety, and create a “buzz” or high. They can even stop the onset of withdrawal symptoms from other substances. The latter effect makes it a popular and relatively inexpensive replacement medicine for stronger substances, such as heroin.

Is Temazepam Addictive?

The following story is indicative of the ways that addiction to Restoril may form over time. Someone is prescribed Restoril to fight their insomnia symptoms. As Restoril is only prescribed in intervals of 7 to 10 days, they run out quickly. Unfortunately, they suffer from rebound insomnia and get another prescription for it.

Unfortunately, the nature of Restoril can make them dependent on it to fall asleep and creates other symptoms of physiological and physical dependency. Without meaning to, they have become reliant on a substance.

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Though physical dependence is not the same as addiction, it often accompanies it. As the person encounters the symptoms of their physical dependence, they might begin experiencing a compulsion to find and use more of the drug, despite the fact that these behaviors go against the prescibing doctor’s instuctions and perimeters of use.

As a result, they reach out to alternative methods of obtaining it, such as buying it illegally or obtaining it from friends and family members. Sadly, they have ended up trapped in a cycle of addiction that may be difficult to beat.

Stories like this illustrate the ways that addiction to Restoril can happen to anyone. Thankfully, treating Restoril addiction is possible. Fully understanding the type of treatments required is crucial to choosing the best option for your needs.

Temazepam Addiction Symptoms

Taking Restoril for insomnia doesn’t guarantee addiction, but dependence may still happen. This is why it is important to pinpoint the exact signs and symptoms of Restoril dependence so that it can be stopped before it becomes a problem.

Signs of Restoril abuse and addiction may include:

  • A difficult to control compulsion to use Restoril
  • Requiring a higher dose to get the same effects that were achieved with the original dose
  • Neglecting personal needs and interests in order to use or obtain Restoril
  • Using Restoril in spite of evidence that it is harmful or using it against a doctor’s wishes
  • Changes in behavior that aren’t typical, such as violent mood swings, obsession with Restoril, or sudden onset of depression and suicidal thoughts

These negative symptoms are often paired with the symptoms of withdrawal that can occur when use is halted. These include restlessness, insomnia, sweatiness, hypertension, tremors in extremities, severe seizures, anorexia, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), sensitivity to light, and a disconnect with reality.

Temazepam Addiction Treatment

The treatment for Restoril addiction requires first withdrawing from the substance and balancing the sleep cycle. After Restoril use is halted, it will be more difficult for the brain to “calm down” at night, making sleep problematic. As a result, Restoril rehabilitation requires a variety of alternative insomnia treatments, including cognitive behavioral therapy, to promote better sleep.

The rest of this withdrawal treatment will include therapy methods to manage the pain of withdrawal symptoms. Doses of Restoril will slowly be tapered to make the situation less traumatic and other steps will be taken in case withdrawal symptoms do occur. For example, anti-seizure and antidepressant medications may be necessary. Comfortable and healthy living are encouraged during this process to make it easier to handle and more relaxing.

After finishing with detoxification, psychological and behavioral treatments occur. These isolate any underlying issues that may be contributing to addiction and insomnia. These concerns will then be managed by a variety of therapy techniques, including prescription medications. Behavioral adjustments will then be implemented to increase coping skills and make relapse less likely.

Other treatments, such as dietary and physical health treatments, may also be implemented. The idea is to heal the body and mind in a holistic manner. “Whole person” healing methods ensure that multiple aspects of addiction are treated more effectively.

After that last step, rehabilitation is over except for any aftercare techniques which may be implemented. These techniques include education on the impact of Restoril on the body, alternate sleep-promoting methods, and even outpatient rehab visits. Sobriety support groups may also be necessary, depending on the situation. These kinds of aftercare methods are designed to promote lifelong sobriety.

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