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New York Rehab CentersStretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Great Lakes in the west, the Empire State of New York is America’s gateway, home to the nation’s most populous city, New York City, where millions of immigrants have first laid eyes on the Statue of Liberty and began their new lives as free Americans. But New York’s influence goes far beyond its borders. When people around the world think of America, New York City is the first place that comes to the minds of many. Today, New York’s enormous economy includes manufacturing, finance, textiles, energy, tourism, and media, and more than 19 million people call New York State home.

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Like many populated states with large cities, New York has its share of residents struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. The 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that more than 9 percent of New Yorkers used illicit drugs in the month preceding the survey, slightly higher than the national average of 8 percent. And like other states with large metropolitan areas, heroin is one of the most commonly cited drugs of abuse by New Yorkers entering rehab, with marijuana and cocaine close seconds and thirds. With the ever increasing abuse of prescription drugs, it’s only a matter of time which becomes the biggest issue. Prescription painkillers like Opana and Hydrocodone are showing signs that the drug trends in New York are shifting to doctor shopping for pills. Fortunately, New York is home to many excellent drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, both public and private. Many are located in cities like NYC, Syracuse, and Albany.

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