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Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation Can Be a Challenge Without a Structured Program and Set Goals

Those people just beginning the process of working to overcome an alcohol or drug addiction know how challenging this process can be. The tremendous improvement in quality of life that recovered addicts experience may seem out of reach when the arduous process of rehab begins.

nearly all treatment programs begin with an admission from the addict that he or she cannot control the compulsionBecause the task seems so daunting, it’s important to have a plan in place. This plan allows the patient to achieve small goals and milestones along the way. All of these minor goals will move the patient toward the ultimate goal of sobriety.

These goals can be part of a 12-Step treatment program. The idea of a 12-Step program has its roots in the advent of Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930’s. Many organizations that attempt to help people overcome addiction have adopted similar programs that implement small steps leading toward a primary goal.

Find Ways to Take the 12 Steps Toward Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation

No matter what kind of 12-Step treatment program you’re using, the small steps toward the ultimate goals are very similar. For example, nearly all treatment programs begin with an admission from the addict that he or she cannot control the compulsion. Without taking this first step of admission, it’s going to be very difficult for the participant in the treatment to achieve ultimate success.

Each step in the program then builds on the foundation of the past steps accomplished. Once the person going through treatment acknowledges the abuse, he or she will begin recognizing some of the problems the addiction has caused. These past errors often will have hurt friends, family members and significant others in the patient’s life, and such an admission is a key step in recovery.

After recognizing the damage, they attempt to make amends for past mistakes begins. Often times, this stage of the 12-Step program can be the most difficult because actually facing the people who were wronged is a very emotional process.

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Achieving Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation Success Is a Lifelong Commitment

With mistakes admitted and amends made, the addict has nearly achieved the ultimate goal of sobriety that will be long lasting. One of the final steps is determining how to make the needed lifestyle changes that will prevent or minimize the risk of relapse. Again, this can seem like an impossible task for someone who has been an addict for many years, so having the support of a professional is important.

Finally, a successful rehabilitation usually concludes with the former making a commitment to help others work through the steps. For some people, this final step is the most important aspect of maintaining sobriety. By helping others move toward their goal of overcoming addiction, the former addict can appreciate the incredible amount of work that’s required to achieve sobriety.

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