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Exclusive and Private Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Dr. Anna Pickering

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Dr. Anna Pickering

April 3, 2019

Exclusive and private addiction treatment centers provide outstanding recovery programs combined with the best accommodations to help each patient confront addiction head-on. These facilities provide the most effective treatments available in a comfortable setting. There are a wide variety of private and exclusive rehab centers available throughout the US designed to fit the needs of each individual.

Selecting an Exclusive and Private Rehab Center

A private and exclusive drug rehab center excels at meeting its client’s individual needs. Not everyone who attends a private rehab will have the same requirements, and over the years, rehabilitation treatment programs have evolved, becoming more specialized in certain areas, varying from center to center.

Knowing what you may personally require while in treatment will help make the decision easier. For example, a business owner will want to choose a center that can provide the tools necessary to monitor and maintain operation of their company while in treatment. On the other hand, someone who is well-known may rate personal privacy as the most important factor while in recovery.

Beyond one’s personal needs, an important second factor to consider is the treatment model that the program uses to achieve a successful result. Addiction is extremely complex, and affects everyone differently which makes recovery a long-term process. It is essential to find a center that utilizes a program model which extends into your life beyond treatment.

Treatment models are often organized into a few different categories, such as:

  1. Traditional addiction treatment model – Traditional centers combine a medical component of addiction treatment, with the 12 step approach.
  2. Holistic addiction treatment modelHolistic treatment centers seek to heal the ‘whole’ individual, and may focus on overall health and well-being as an approach to long-term abstinence.
  3. Medical model – Medically based centers assess and label addiction as a medical condition, and treat it with individual therapy and medications.
  4. Behavioral Health model – Centers studying behaviors related to substance abuse and addiction help patients ‘reset’ various patterns of living which promote abstinence from alcohol and drugs.

Within these models, there are options available which provide addicts the best chance of recovery. Some exclusive and private rehab centers are drug-free, or faith-based, while others do not follow the ‘disease model’ of addiction. It is very important to explore all the choices available in selecting a center, one that offers the best in personalized treatment for the cost.

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The Benefits of Exclusive and Private Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Guaranteed, the price is higher at an exclusive treatment center, and the services should reflect that. Based on an individual’s personal needs, the following key benefits make such rehab centers ideal:

  • Privacy – A client should expect that their personal privacy is of utmost importance at an exclusive center, and among its staff.
  • Higher staff-to-patient ratio – Exclusive rehab centers maintain a larger and highly qualified staff whose jobs are competitively sought after,
  • Duration of treatment – The length of stay is not determined by a client’s insurance company policy. Most private rehab centers will give their clients ample time for inpatient recovery.
  • Amenities – An exclusive rehab center offers a wide variety of amenities that are not usually available at a public facility.

No matter what type of drug rehab center interests you, there is a certain level of quality and comfort achieved at an exclusive and private center that cannot be found elsewhere. Contact us now to receive more information on private and exclusive drug and alcohol rehab programs, for yourself, a friend, or a loved one.

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