11 Rhode Island Long Term Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

The ocean state of Rhode Island is filled with a rich heritage and scenes of natural beauty, with hundreds of miles of coastline and much of its land dedicated to wildlife. However, life is less than ideal for the sizable number of its population suffering the ill effects of drug addiction. In data from 2006-2008, Rhode Island was topping every other state in illicit drug use. The excessive problem of drug addiction in the state has been linked to the easy availability of drugs, as a result of the state’s position between Boston and New York.

Studies have also shown Rhode Island to have the highest percentage of addicts who seriously need drug rehabilitation but are not receiving it. Many addicts have difficulty finding the courage to come forward to get the right solution for their addiction. If you are one of these addicts, the importance of long term rehab programs in your state cannot be overstated.

Long term rehab can consist of individualized treatment and discharge planning, support services access, education, prevention case management, mentoring in living skills, services for the homeless, legal support, and recovery coaching. This prolonged and comprehensive form of treatment is considered the most effective way to beat addiction for good.

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Aim for Full Recovery with Rhode Island’s Long Term Rehab

More than a fifth of rehab facilities in Rhode Island include residential long term rehab services. These services will last more than 30 days, and can be expected to consist of a gender-specific program, group therapy, social skills development, meditation, relapse prevention, or 12 step approaches.

In Providence, Rhode Island’s capital, Providence Center Residential Services allow residents to attend sessions every day. Treatment includes group therapy, and the 12 step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Residents are also given access to social service programs and housing opportunities.

Tri Hab King House in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, is devoted to helping people with addictive and mental disorders through a number of residential and therapeutic strategies. These proven strategies address the diversity of issues related to drug and alcohol abuse.

In Cranston, SSTARBirth, a program of SSTAR of Rhode Island Inc., utilizes gender-specific services that focus on strengthening women. Addiction and mental health treatment, as well as family guidance for mothers, are available in this program.

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