Massachusetts Wilderness Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Recovering from addiction does not mean that temptations will not arise. A traditional treatment program, which offers counseling, behavior modification, and medical treatments, provides the foundation to help with recovery. By including an alternative treatment program like wilderness therapy, an individual is able to learn different methods of maintaining recovery for a lifetime. According to the American Psychological Association, wilderness therapy provides traditional treatment and alternative solutions like hiking and camping to help improve the recovery results and reduce the risk of relapsing in the future.

Hiking Trails in Massachusetts

Going for a hike provides a physical challenge that requires an individual’s complete attention and focus. In Massachusetts, hiking trails are available for beginners and advanced hikers.

The Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area offers several outdoor activities for visitors seeking sobriety. The hiking trails offer a physical challenge that will bring a hiker into contact with the natural plant-life and the wildlife that is available. The recreation area also offers fishing and boating.

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The Cape Cod Canal is another area that offers hiking and outdoor recreation to those desiring to be in touch with nature during treatment. The hiking trails provide a chance to explore the area and the water activities that are available offer a chance to enjoy learning about sea-life and the animals that live near the water.


Camping offers rehab patients a chance to explore an outdoor area for an extended period of time. Campers can enjoy sleeping under the stars or putting up a tent for memories that will last for years.

Buffumville Lake is a 200-acre lake and campground that was designed for outdoor sports and recreation. The campgrounds offer a place for visitors to explore and stay for the night. During a camping trip, those in treatment can enjoy fishing, boating, hiking and water sports. During the winter months, ice skating is also available.

The Boston Harbor Islands Recreation Area provides a campground that is also appropriate for long-term outdoor adventures. Since it provides several activities, visitors can explore the area and find new activities that are interesting.

Riding a Horse

Horseback riding is a chance to learn more about social animals and to engage in an activity that builds up new bonds and trust, all of which is conducive to sobriety. In Massachusetts, there are specific areas that offer horseback riding and provide the space to enjoy a challenging ride.

The Cape Cod National Seashore has 40 miles of beaches, marshes, and ponds that provide an interesting place to ride a horse. Horseback riding trails are available throughout the seashore and visitors can enjoy paddling, swimming or water activities during a ride.

Conant Brook Dam is an area that offers native trout fishing and similar activities. It also provides several mountain trails for horseback riding, hiking or mountain biking.

Wildlife Viewing

Watching wildlife and learning about different species of animals provides a chance to change personal perspectives during treatment. The Barre Falls Dam provides an excellent location to see a variety of native and migrating species throughout the year. Visitors can take pictures of local wildlife and explore the trails to learn more about the plants that grow in the region.

Birch Hill Dam is another area that attracts different animals and migratory species throughout the year. Wildlife viewing at the dam provides a chance to see several different types of animals. During the winter months, visitors can also enjoy winter sports.

Selecting a Treatment Program

Enjoying new activities and exploring different areas provides an opportunity to find new and healthy hobbies. Outdoor therapy helps reduce stress and other emotions that can contribute to substance abuse. Find an appropriate treatment program with the help of Contact us today!


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