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Massachusettes Inpatient Drug Rehab CentersThe Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the cradle of America and home to a diverse population of energetic and proud people. But even in one of America’s premier states, alcohol and substance abuse can strike anyone.

Statistics show that while rates of abuse of illicit drugs is about average (roughly 8% of the population), rates for prescription drug abuse in the Bay State is higher than the national average. Prescription pain medications such as codeine, oxycodone, and Vicodin are opioids that affect the brain in a manner similar to heroin, resulting in an increasing tolerance to the drug and eventual dependence.

If you need help with an addiction to legal or illegal drugs, you can find premiere Massachusetts inpatient drug rehab facilities that address your unique needs.

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A Wide Range of Treatment Methods Characterize Massachusetts Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

The numerous fine inpatient drug rehab centers in Massachusetts incorporate a variety of the latest rehab techniques, and many facilities focus on treating specific addictions. Located in South Attleboro, Massachusetts, Arbour Fuller Hospital provides substance addiction and mental health services for patients assessed with both an addiction and a mental disorder. In addition to specializing in dual diagnosis, Arbour offers comprehensive detoxification programs that provide counseling and appropriate medication to alleviate symptoms of alcohol or drug withdrawal.

Granada House in Allston, Massachusetts, is a long-term residential treatment center that also offers intensive outpatient and sober living aftercare services. For patients addicted to prescription pain pills or heroin, Granada House uses buprenorphine, a medication given to people with opioid addictions, that helps decrease the amount and intensity of cravings following detoxification. Other programs implemented by Granada House include men and women support groups, coping with life beyond relapse programs, and individual counseling sessions to address mental and emotional issues unique to each patient.

As one of the world’s premier cities, Boston has excellent long-term recovery centers for people suffering from substance and behavioral addictions. Hope House, for example, has inpatient and outpatient services, sober living facilities, and staff members who speak Spanish and English. Hope House intervention therapists address and resolve the dysfunctional dynamics of family life that may be enabling an addicted family member, providing therapeutic insight into why the patient suffers from the disease of addiction.

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Destructive behaviors such as substance abuse or behavioral disorders are chronic diseases that demand the assistance of addiction professional counselors, psychologists, interventionists, and psychiatrists. But you must decide to seek help; otherwise, your addiction will surely win.

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