Massachusetts Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Massachusetts has many inpatient rehab centers to choose from that vary greatly in their quality of care and the services they offer. Comparing different inpatient programs can help a person find the best treatment plan for their unique needs.

Massachusetts Inpatient And Outpatient Rehab: What’s The Difference?

When enrolled in a Massachusetts inpatient rehab program, a person lives at an addiction treatment facility for the duration of care. This places them in a supportive community of people working toward recovery. Most of their time is spent in various forms of therapy.

Outpatient rehab programs do not demand as much time. Therapy sessions are less frequent, and a person may be able to choose whether to attend them in the daytime or in the evening.

Individuals in outpatient care live at home and are generally able to continue everyday activities like work and school during treatment.

Why Choose Inpatient Rehab In Massachusetts?

Many people find inpatient addiction treatment to be more effective. The home environment is often full of triggers to alcohol and drug use as well as people who enable addictive behavior. These things can severely hinder the healing process.

Leaving these distractions behind to live at a residential facility helps a person focus on recovery. It also encourages substance abstinence and a drastic life change.

Massachusetts Inpatient Detox Programs

Some inpatient rehab programs in Massachusetts provide medically supervised detox. This inpatient service helps people safely rid their bodies of drugs and alcohol before beginning addiction treatment.

During medical detox, each individual is monitored closely to ensure that their vital functions remain at a healthy level. They may receive medication to ease withdrawal symptoms and other discomforts that accompany the withdrawal process.

How Long Are Inpatient Rehab Programs In Massachusetts?

Many Massachusetts inpatient rehab centers provide treatment for a set amount of time. A short-term rehab program is commonly 28 to 30 days, and it may be even shorter.

Long-term inpatient rehab programs are flexible and allow a person to stay for as long as they need. Often, people spend 60 to 90 days in long-term treatment, though some programs last six months to a year.

What To Expect At A Massachusetts Inpatient Rehab Center

However long an individual spends at a Massachusetts inpatient rehab center, they undergo a combination of evidence-based therapies that target the causes of alcohol and drug addiction.

Counseling and behavioral therapy are usually the foundation of inpatient addiction treatment. Reputable rehab facilities also offer other treatment types and approaches, such as:

  • 12-step work
  • a non-12-step philosophy
  • religious or non-religious programming
  • a holistic approach
  • alternative care
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • wilderness rehab programs
  • adventure therapy
  • equine therapy
  • treatment for other addictions, such as sex addiction
  • court-ordered treatment
  • aftercare

Many inpatient rehab centers provide gender-specific treatment for men or women. This helps to limit distractions and ensure that each person receives the care they need. Other groups of people that may find specialized inpatient programs in Massachusetts include:

  • teens
  • young adults
  • adults
  • senior citizens
  • pregnant women
  • executives
  • Native Americans

The residential addiction treatment environment can vary as well. It ranges from exclusive and private care in a luxury rehab facility to the clinical setting of a free or low-cost rehab center.

For a person to have the best chance of success in an inpatient program, it is vital that they choose an environment and treatment plan that aligns with their specific needs.

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