New Hampshire Equine Therapy Rehab Centers

New Hampshire Equine Therapy Rehab CentersFor patients struggling with substance abuse problems, finding the right type of treatment that matches the needs of the individual will improve the odds of complete recovery and maintaining sobriety. It is important for patients to consider all the therapy options, including alternative therapies such as equine therapy.

Equine therapy, which involves working with horses, has been noted for its ability to help patients gain helpful skills such as self-control, confidence, and trust. When those struggling with substance abuse disorders or mental illnesses gain these tools, they will be better equipped to build relationships to form a strong support system. They will also be able to better moderate their behavior in situations, such as when they feel drawn to using their abused substance of choice.

How Equine Therapy Works

In equine therapy, patients develop relationships with horses, which are respond to social cues in similar ways to humans. Patients undergoing this treatment will be encouraged to interact with the animal through riding, caring for the horse, and guiding them to complete particular tasks. This will force the patient to develop their communication skills and their ability to trust the animal. As they see their own skills improve and feel the relationship developing with the horse, the patient will experience a growth in confidence. These skills can then translate to the rest of the patient’s life, helping them improve their mental health and maintain sobriety.

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Substance Abuse Problems In New Hampshire

Statistics on mental illness and drug use from the state indicate the strong need for alternative therapies, such as equine therapy. Alternative therapies offer patients the help they need if they are not responding well to traditional therapies. According to SAMHSA, an estimated 3.94 percent of the population experienced serious mental illness in the 2012-2013 year. Another 2.49 percent of the state’s population needed treatment for illicit drug use but were not receiving treatment.

Equine Therapy And Treatment Options In New Hampshire

Farnum Center, Manchester

The Farnum Center offers inpatient and outpatient treatment programs depending upon the needs of the patient. The inpatient treatment option is a 30-day program while the outpatient treatment will last for at least 14 weeks. The program offers a variety of different types of therapies, including group therapy, anger management, and psycho-education classes. Those who need Suboxone or medical detoxification can also receive the help they need. The dedication of this client to meeting their clients’ needs means that they might be willing to help patients who need equine therapy.

Monadnock Family Services, Keene

Monadnock Family Services offers a welcoming and supportive environment for those facing substance abuse disorders. The center focuses on helping patients understand the root causes of their substance abuse so they can begin to make progress overcoming the problem. Patients have the option of using medications when needed and are guided to create their own strategies for relapse prevention. There are also a variety of specialized groups to help people who fall into particular categories, such as those dealing with co-occurring substance abuse and mental illness. The dedication of this therapy center to helping patients in every way possible means that they may be open to helping patients find equine therapy when needed.

Phoenix House, Dublin, Franklin, Keene, Northfield

The Phoenix House leverages a full team of professionals, which includes medical specialists as well as continuing care counselors, wellness specialists, and vocational specialists, to create an excellent treatment plan for each patient, Care is individualized to the patient and can range from inpatient therapy, with medication-assisted treatments when needed, to outpatient treatments. The dedication of the professionals at this facility to meeting the needs of each patient means that they might be able to help those in need of equine therapy.

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