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Equine therapy has its roots dating back thousands of years. In ancient Greece, there was documentation produced speaking about the benefits of riding horses for those seeking therapy. It has been used for several decades in the United States to help those with various developmental disabilities as well as mental health issues. Find a Vermont equine therapy program today.

Equine therapy is often used as a part of holistic treatment options for those with substance abuse disorders and mental illnesses. Patients undergoing this type of treatment will improve their confidence and self-control through careful work with horses. Often those facing substance abuse issues find themselves struggling to remain sober, particularly in triggering situations when they would have enjoyed their substance of choice in the past. Helping patients increase their control, communication skills, and confidence will help provide them with the tools they need to progress in their recovery and build a support system upon which they can rely.

Understanding Equine Therapy

Horses are social and responsive creatures, which helps make this type of therapy successful. Patients interacting with the horse must learn how to effectively communicate and how to work with the horse to achieve their desired goals. Often, accomplishing these goals does not even require patients to directly touch the horse, but instead just learn how to ‘speak’ to it effectively. These skills translate to the rest of life as well, helping patients of all types interact better with society.

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Substance Abuse And Equine Therapy In Vermont

According to data gathered by SAMHSA, in Vermont an estimated 2.78 percent of the population admitted needing help for illicit drug use but not receiving it in the 2012-2013 period. Another 5.48 percent reported having a serious mental illness in the same time frame. To help these patients overcome potential substance abuse disorders, it is important to have a wide range of therapies available. This helps to ensure that each patient has access to the type of therapy that will help them the best.

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