Maine Equine Therapy Rehab Centers

Equine therapy is one means therapists have of helping individuals work through the issues that may be impacting their relationships. Learn more about equine therapy programs in Maine today.

Addiction is frequently not the underlying problem for a drug or alcohol abuser. It is a secondary condition to other mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety. These conditions, along with the person’s behavior when using, often have a serious impact on an addict’s relationships with family and friends. Through working with horses during an equine therapy program, a substance abuser learns that pushing and pulling is no way to get a positive reaction, and can apply these lessons to their relationships with other people.

Addiction Statistics For Maine

Many people who abuse or are dependent on drugs or alcohol continue to use because they fail to get the treatment they require. In the state of Maine, 34,000 people need treatment for illicit drug abuse or dependence, while 82,000 need help in overcoming their abuse of, or dependence upon, alcohol.

The percentage of the population suffering from serious mental illness is just below 5 percent. The support of family and friends is vital to an addict’s rehabilitation and continued abstinence from using. Equine therapy provides addicts the opportunity to work on their communication issues, so they can relate better to those close them and get the support they need.

Best Rehab Centers In Maine That Offer Equine Therapy

Working with horses proves beneficial for many people suffering from mental health disorders and substance abuse issues. During therapy sessions, the problem areas of the individual being treated typically come to light, allowing the person to develop a deeper understanding of, and work on, those things that may be impeding their personal relationships. A few Maine substance abuse facilities provide holistic treatment options, which may include equine therapy.

Wellspring Inc. Outpatient Services, Bangor

Wellspring Inc. Outpatient Services in Bangor provide substance abuse services on an outpatient basis for men and women. They handle clients who require court-ordered treatment, and have ASL services available for the hearing impaired. Holistic treatment and alternative treatment options are available for those looking for something outside the scope of traditional substance abuse therapy. Separate programs for men and women also provide long-term residential treatment options of 60, 90 or 120 days, as well as aftercare treatment, including sober living facilities and halfway houses.

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Aroostook Mental Health Center, Caribou

Located in Caribou, Aroostook Mental Health Center offers outpatient substance abuse services, detoxification, and dual diagnosis programs. The facility works with those facing substance abuse treatment due to court order, and ASL is available for the hearing impaired. As part of individual treatment programs, the facility uses some holistic and alternative therapy techniques, which may include equine therapy, to aid clients in their rehabilitation.

Acadia Hospital, Bangor

Bangor’s Acadia Hospital offers substance abuse treatment, as well as mental health services for those suffering substance abuse issues alongside other mental health disorders. Treatment for adult men and women is done on an outpatient basis or through partial hospitalization, allowing those seeking treatment to continue working, going to school, or participating in other activities during their rehabilitation. Methadone maintenance is provided for those who require it, and ASL services make the facility ideal for the hearing impaired. The hospital incorporates holistic treatments into individual’s treatment programs.

Grace Street Recovery Services, Lewiston

Grace Street Recovery Services provides substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment for those in Lewiston. Treatment is available on either an outpatient or partial hospitalization basis, which allows patients to leave the facility during the day for work. Tailored services are provided for pregnant or postpartum women, and holistic treatments are incorporated into the rehabilitation strategy.

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If you are suffering from substance abuse issues, with or without underlying mental health disorders, in Maine, you have many treatment options available throughout the state. While it may seem like a problem you can get through on your own, the nature of addiction makes it difficult to overcome without help. When you want to get past your substance dependence, substance abuse therapy can make all the difference.

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