Vermont Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Vermont Inpatient Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Inpatient rehab centers in Vermont provide different treatment types, approaches, and special programs. Exploring what is offered by various inpatient facilities can lead you to the best one for your needs in recovery.

Inpatient Detox Programs In Vermont

Vermont inpatient detox programs help people clear their bodies of drugs and alcohol before addiction treatment begins. This is necessary if a person has become physically dependent on a substance, which can make the withdrawal process dangerous or life-threatening.

Inpatient detox programs may be provided on-site at an inpatient rehab center, allowing for a smooth transition between detox and residential care.

Vermont Inpatient Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

When exploring Vermont inpatient alcohol and drug rehab centers, a person should compare different treatment options, approaches, and special programs. This can help them find the right combination of care for their situation.

Reputable inpatient programs use a blend of treatment methods to address underlying issues as well as how addiction affects every area of life. This can include:

  • behavioral therapy
  • equine therapy
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • pain management
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • adventure therapy
  • wilderness therapy
  • SMART Recovery
  • sex addiction treatment
  • court-ordered drug rehab
  • aftercare

Inpatient care may be provided through one or more approaches to treatment, such as:

  • non-12-step
  • 12-step
  • alternative
  • multidisciplinary
  • nonreligious
  • religious
  • holistic

Some inpatient rehab centers offer special programs tailored to:

  • professionals
  • executives
  • pregnant women
  • Native Americans
  • LGBTQ individuals
  • men or women (gender-specific)
  • teens (age-specific)
  • Christians (faith-based)

The atmosphere of a residential addiction treatment facility may differ as well. Luxury rehab centers feature high-end comforts like pools, spas, and gourmet meals. Low-cost or free rehab centers in Vermont offer minimal amenities and a more clinical environment.

How Long Are Inpatient Rehab Programs In Vermont?

Inpatient rehab programs in Vermont may be long-term or short-term. This depends on what the treatment facility offers and can be affected by individual need.

Long-term rehab programs commonly last 45, 60, or 90 days, but may be six months or a year long. Some do not have a set length and allow a person to remain in treatment as long as it takes them to recover fully.

The standard short-term rehab program length is 28 to 30 days. Many people need a longer time in treatment to experience long-term success, but the actual time they spend in an inpatient program can depend on the severity of addiction, history of relapse, cost, and other factors.

Vermont Inpatient And Outpatient Rehab: What’s The Difference?

Outpatient addiction treatment in Vermont makes it possible for someone to live at home and continue most everyday activities. They may only spend a few hours each week in treatment, depending on the intensity of the outpatient program.

Vermont inpatient rehab centers remove people from their home setting and place them in a supportive community at the treatment center. This cuts off access to drugs and alcohol as well as people and places that support substance abuse.

During inpatient care, a person spends most of their time in recovery-oriented activities. They are able to build relationships with others who are working to overcome addiction.

Many people find they need the structure of an inpatient program to produce lasting change in their lives.

National Institute on Drug Abuse - Vermont Opioid Summary

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