6 Vermont Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Vermont leads the nation when it comes to the number of adults who have used illicit drugs. Fortunately, Vermont has several rehabilitation facilities that allow individuals to get the help that they need in order to live a life free from the shadow of addiction.

Verdant mountains and pleasant towns distinguish the state of Vermont. Located in New England between New Hampshire and New York, Vermont is known for its historic covered bridges and quaint rural communities.

But the state’s urban areas, Burlington and Montpelier, while small by city standards, harbor the big-city problem of substance abuse. Vermont often leads the nation in the number of adults who have used illicit drugs in the last month (12% in Vermont compared to 8% nationwide). Cocaine and prescription painkillers are the most commonly abused drugs by Vermont residents.

Addiction does not discriminate by age, gender, or social status. Luckily, Vermont residents struggling to overcome drug or alcohol addiction can find help at a number of excellent Vermont inpatient drug rehabs.

Multiple Approaches Treat Multiple Addictions at Vermont’s Inpatient Drug Rehabs

Modern rehabilitation science points to residential treatment programs followed by intensive aftercare therapy as the most effective way to fight addictions to drugs and alcohol. At Valley Vista in Bradford, Vermont, patients undergo a medically supervised detox in a hospital setting before doctors devise the best therapy options. These include cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, and drug therapy.

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Brattleboro Retreat in Brattleboro, Vermont also offers extensive drug therapies to help addicts adjust and recover. Long-term treatment programs at Brattleboro Retreat normally last about 30 days, but sober living aftercare services are also available.

Strong aftercare services are the specialty at Starting Now in Brattleboro, Vermont. This treatment center combines inpatient drug rehab and outpatient therapies to help foster a quicker recovery. No matter your level of addiction, you can find the right kind of professional help at Vermont’s inpatient rehab centers.

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Cities with inpatient addiction treatment centers in Vermont

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