Oklahoma Wilderness Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation and Treatment

The standard procedure for drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment usually takes place within the confines of a licensed facility. Because the detoxification and withdrawal process can be so severe for both drugs and alcohol, these times are usually experienced under the direct supervision of a medical professional so that medications can be administered as needed.

Beyond that, treatment usually falls into either an inpatient or outpatient category. A person may check into a facility for a period of time ranging from three to 120 days or more to help undergo not only the detoxification process, but also to help prepare themselves for re-entering their lives with a much more positive perspective. Outpatient rehab is also an option, which typically involves making regularly-scheduled visits to facilities or meetings in and around the area where a person lives.

A third option involves a nature-based recovery program, which takes the process out of the clinical environment and places a person among the great outdoors. This has a large number of different benefits, including making it significantly easier for people to remove themselves from the types of stresses involved with everyday life that may be triggering their addiction in the first place.

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Outdoor Wilderness Opportunities in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has long been considered a “nature-friendly” state and indeed has a large number of different wilderness opportunities that would be perfect for someone undergoing the treatment and recovery process. If you’re a fan of hiking, for example, you’ll definitely want to know more about the 10K Trailhead, which is owned and operated by the United States Forest Service. The 10K Trailhead is actually so large that it stretches across parts of Texas and New Mexico in addition to the parts that are located in Oklahoma.

Another significant outdoor opportunity for those in treatment in the area is 542 Road, which is 2.4 miles long. The trail is open all year long for a wide range of different uses like biking, hiking, horseback riding and more. Certain segments of the trail are also available for off-roading, as well as for the use of other “off-highway” recreational vehicles.

Albert Pike is also located in the state, which is also owned and operated by the United States Forest Service. It is located comfortably within the confines of the Ouachita Mountains and stretches across a significant portion of the southern part of the state. It provides easy access to a wide range of wilderness opportunities that would be great for people going through treatment and recovery like biking, hiking, swimming, and more. It also represents an ideal spot for viewing some of the local wildlife in their natural habitats.

Finally, Atlus Lake is located in Oklahoma and is operated by the Bureau of Reclamation. It is located in the southwest portion of the state and is situated very close to the city of Lone Wolf. This 4,300-acre tract of land is ideal for activities like boating, camping, fishing, hiking, climbing, and swimming. Other types of water sports are also available all year round.

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