Kansas Wilderness Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Communing With Nature for Your Kansas Recovery

Kansas residents looking to kick alcohol or drug abuse out of their lives may not realize that they can get the help they need in natural surroundings instead of confining themselves in a clinic. While professional counseling and treatment are important factors in recovery, so is the environment you choose. That’s why wilderness drug rehab programs are gaining popularity as a way to enjoy a more comfortable and successful victory over chemical dependence. These programs integrate outdoor activities and contact with nature into your program, helping you re-connect with the real world and appreciate its beauties on your own terms. Life skills therapy will also provide you with a new level of resourcefulness and control over your own life.


Wilderness drug rehab in Kansas is more accessible than you might realize, thanks to the wealth of options and activities in this state. Hiking, for instance, is a great way to rebuild your body and calm your mind, and many Kansas wilderness sites include this option. Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site is a great choice for both hiking and biking, as well as nature photography. Card Creek (located near Elk City Lake) and Cedar Ridge (over at Tuttle Creek Lake) both include hiking trails along their scenic stretches.

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For many people in recovery, getting back to nature means living under the sun and stars. Kansas is a great place to camp, and you’ll find plenty of campsites dotting the state. You might try Bluestem, part of the El Dorado Lake site if you’d like to go fishing during your camping adventure. Big Hill Lake offers a full playground for kids of all ages on its campgrounds.

Wildlife Viewing

Kansas is fertile ground for wildlife viewing. Ever go eye-to-eye with a bald eagle? At Bloomington East, you just might — and there are turkeys, geese, white-tail deer, and other living wonders on view too. Birds and other wild game frolics freely at Fall River Lake, while Council Grove Lake lets you do your viewing in a National Historic District prairie setting, peaceful for those during treatment.

Horseback Riding

You can experience the natural power of a simpler time and lend to your recovery by temporarily swapping your four-wheeled vehicle for a four-footed one. Several wilderness spots in Kansas offer horseback riding among their attractions. For example, John Redmond Reservoir allows you to go horseback riding along the same trails Indians used to roam, while El Dorado Lake allows you to water your horse at a scenic 8,000-acre watering hole.

Your Healthy Future Starts Today

Getting well the natural way is what wilderness drug rehab is all about, but it won’t happen unless you take that all-important first step to make it happen. Contact RehabCenter.net to learn more about your Kansas options for this revolutionary form of treatment so you can get back to nature — and back to health!


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