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Kansas Equine Therapy Rehab Centers

Kansas Equine therapy can help those suffering from substance abuse or mental health issues develop a deeper understanding of their relationship issues as part of the overall healing process. Learn more about equine therapy in Kansas today.

Horses require specific handling in order to respond positively when interacting with humans. When they are not treated well, they react accordingly. In this way, horses are very similar to humans, which makes them ideal substitutes for addicts and individuals suffering from mental health disorders who need to work on developing their interpersonal relationships.

Equine therapy is the process of matching humans with horses in a therapeutic setting. The individual works with the horse on specific tasks, such as leading the horse around a ring. Since the horse will only respond if the person handles it properly, the individual develops a sense of boundaries in relationships and good communication techniques.

Addiction Statistics For Kansas

Many people in need of treatment for drug or alcohol dependence or addiction in Kansas are not receiving the treatment they need. Recent statistics indicate 53,000 individuals in the state are in need of treatment for illicit drugs are failing to receive it, while 181,000 residents in need of treatment for alcohol dependence or abuse are not getting treated. 4.34 percent of the state’s population suffers from mental health disorders, which are frequently linked to drug and alcohol addiction.

Often, drug and alcohol abuse leads to poor behavior toward family and friends, which can strain relations. Equine therapy helps addicts recognize those poor behaviors, so they can change them and form a better relationship with those close to them.

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