Nebraska Equine Therapy Rehab Centers

Equine therapy is the use of horses to help those suffering from mental health disorders to overcome their barriers to satisfying interpersonal relationships. Since horses have clear boundaries about how they like to be handled, the individual learns that they cannot simply yell or pull to get the horse to respond. This process gives addicts practice at understanding and fulfilling the needs of others to improve their relationships.

Addiction Statistics For Nebraska

Most people who abuse or are dependent upon substances cannot stop using on their own. Without treatment, they will remain addicted. But many people in the state of Nebraska are not getting the treatment they need. Recent statistics show 131,000 people who need, but are not getting, treatment for alcohol use, while 32,000 people need treatment for illicit drug use. 4.24 percent of the state’s population have a serious mental illness, which, in many instances, leads to the abuse of substances.

Due to the nature of addiction, and its effect on those people closest to them, many addicts struggle to maintain their relationships with family and friends. Often, addicts possess personality traits that make it difficult for the people who love them to get close to them. Equine therapy can help those with substance abuse issues discover the issues they have in communicating, and work on those issues, so they can apply their new communication strategies to their loved ones.

Nebraska Equine Therapy Centers

Equine therapy can prove highly beneficial for those who suffer a dependence on substances. Aside from the benefit to interpersonal relations, horses and other animals have been proven to reduce anxiety, which can help people get comfortable in their treatment so they can make the most of their rehabilitation. In Nebraska, there are several facilities that offer holistic services that may include equine therapy.

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Journeys Program, Bellevue

The Journeys Program in Bellevue offers addiction treatment for adolescents, including dual diagnosis treatment for those suffering from substance abuse along with another mental health condition, such as depression. Treatments programs are residential, with both short-term stays of less than 30 days and long-term options of 60, 90 or 120 days available. Holistic treatments are used along with traditional therapies to round out clients’ rehabilitation. The facility accepts most private health insurance, including Medicaid and military insurance.

Horizon Recovery and Counseling Center, Hastings

Hastings’ Horizon Recovery and Counseling Center provides outpatient treatment to adults, adolescents, and seniors. Dual diagnosis is available for those suffering from joint mental health disorders along with their substance dependencies. The program also treats those with court-ordered alcohol and drug treatment. Holistic treatments provide alternatives to traditional therapy, giving clients options in their drug program. Horizon Recovery accepts most private health insurances and Medicaid.

Summit Care and Wellness, Lincoln

Summit Care and Wellness in Lincoln treats adult men, women, and adolescents. They care for those in need of court-ordered addiction treatment, and provide tailored treatment for Christians. All therapy is done on an outpatient basis, with holistic treatment options provided. Along with accepting most insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid, the facility offers a sliding fee scale based on income.

Veterans Affairs Medical Center Substance Use Disorder Program, Omaha

The Veterans Affairs Medical Center Substance Use Disorder Program provides detox and substance abuse treatment for veterans of the military in Nebraska. Both outpatient and inpatient treatment is available, with residential options including short-term 30 day or less stays and long-term 60, 90 or 120 day stays. Partial hospitalization makes it possible for individuals to benefit from inpatient treatment while maintaining their current employment. Dual diagnosis and holistic therapy services, which may include equine therapy, are available. Payment options include private health insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, military insurance, and payment plans.

Seeking Help In Nebraska

If you’re suffering from substance abuse or dependence in Nebraska, you don’t have to overcome your addiction on your own. Rehabilitation centers that provide holistic services, such as equine therapy, can help you face your substance abuse and mental health disorders and move on with your life. When you’re ready to work on your addiction, let help you find the right facility with holistic treatment options. Contact us today.

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