Arkansas Wilderness Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Treating an addiction requires a professional program that recognizes the potential complications that arise during the recovery process. Traditional treatment plans focus on counseling, behavior modification, and appropriate medical treatments. It focuses on adjusting the individual’s behavior so that he or she will not abuse a substance in the future. There are also alternative treatment programs, like wilderness therapy, which treat the addiction and provide interesting alternative activities that encourage self-confidence and self-esteem. According to the American Psychological Association, wilderness therapy uses traditional therapies to adjust behavior in a natural setting during camping trips, hikes, or similar outdoor activities. The outdoor setting teaches about ways to avoid unproductive, dangerous, or negative thought processes by using their body to accomplish different tasks.

Hiking in Arkansas

In Arkansas, outdoor recreation is available in several parks and national parks. The state has several hiking trails and parks that allow those seeking treatment to hike throughout the year, connecting with nature as they pursue sobriety.

The Arkansas Post National Memorial is a national park that offers a wealth of outdoor activities for visitors. Hiking trails are available throughout the national park and the park has a rich history of socialization and diversity. Individuals can also hike at Albert Pike. The park offers a nature trail for hiking and canoeing for additional outdoor activities to keep you centered during your rehabilitation.

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Camping Trips

Camping trips offer the opportunity to explore nature and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities over an extended period. Campgrounds are available for those undergoing treatment who want to explore the parks, enjoy the local fishing, and try a variety of interesting water sports or activities.

Alpine Ridge offers campgrounds and lodgings for visitors who are exploring the outdoor activities that are available in Arkansas. The campground is easily accessible and allows individuals to bring domesticated pets. Since there is a stocked lake, visitors can enjoy fishing, boating, and other water activities while connecting with nature. The park also offers horseback riding and hiking trails.

Wildlife Viewing

Exploring the beauty of nature offers the opportunity to change a personal perspective, which can work wonders during a rehabilitation program. Wildlife viewing offers an opportunity to see the amazing features and animals that are found in the most unexpected locations.

The Alum Cove National Bridge Geological Area and the Arkansas River at Murray Lock and Dam offer beautiful hikes and nature trails that provide the opportunity to enjoy wildlife viewing. Since the animals in the forested parks and areas change throughout the year, visitors see different animals and birds throughout the entire year.

Horseback Riding

Although hiking, boating, and wildlife viewing offer unique and interesting experiences, the exercise and socialization that is available on a horse offers something very unique during a treatment program and provides a chance to enjoy the nature trails at a nice speed. In Arkansas, some nature trails that are specifically designed for horseback riding.

Austin Trailhead, Bear Creek and Alpine Ridge offer horseback riding trails. Visitors can ride a horse through the forested areas or over less difficult paths to enjoy the unique setting.

Water Activities

Since several of the recreational parks have lakes and rivers, water activities and sports are available. Alpine Ridge, Albert Pike, Bear Creek, and the Arkansas River all offer beautiful lakes or rivers that provide the opportunity to enjoy boating, canoeing, and swimming. Connecting with the water and finding peace can help you as you work through your journey to sobriety.

Treating an Addiction

Treating an addiction to drugs or alcohol in Arkansas offers the opportunity to explore the natural world. A wildlife therapy program can help with addiction recovery by encouraging healthy alternatives to personal behavior and substance abuse. Whether the program focuses on hiking, horseback riding or other outdoor activities, it improves self-confidence and personal health. Learn more about wilderness treatment programs that are available in Arkansas by contacting us here at


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