Texas Wilderness Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

The decision to recover from alcohol or drug abuse requires a treatment plan that is appropriate for personal goals. Traditional treatments, which focus on counseling and behavior modification, are appropriate for many individuals; however, alternative options are also available.

Wilderness therapy, which is a type of outdoor therapy according to the University of Idaho, provides an opportunity to explore different outdoor settings and activities that can help reduce the temptation to abuse a substance. The American Psychological Association explains that the therapy strives to provide treatment in an environment and situation that differs from the traditional approach, but it still incorporates counseling and traditional therapies. In Texas, several recreational activities are available that help with addiction recovery.

Hiking in Texas

Hiking provides a chance to explore a natural setting and see nature along the path to sobriety. The Agua Sarca Trailhead is an appropriate place to enjoy the rugged terrain in Texas and to enjoy a challenging hike. The trail offers a physical challenge and individuals can explore the trail along several different directions.

Albuquerque Trailhead is another trail near the border of Texas and New Mexico that offers hiking and outdoor recreation. Visitors can explore the trail and learn more about the natural surroundings throughout the state.

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Camping Trips

Camping trips in Texas are an opportunity to experience different situations without giving up the freedom of a natural setting. The Amistad National Recreation Area offers a wealth of outdoor activities, including a campground that is ideal for individuals who plan to stay in the wilderness during their recovery period. The recreation area also allows visitors to fish, boat, or enjoy biking during a camping trip.

White Rock Horse Camp is another camping opportunity that specifically allows visitors to bring a horse and enjoy horseback riding during a camping trip. The camp provides enough space for the horses, even if there is a group.

Viewing Wildlife

Exploring a natural setting provides an opportunity to see a wealth of wildlife and plant-life for those desiring to be at one with nature during recovery. In Texas, wildlife rescues and recreational areas offer a chance to see animals in a natural habitat.

The Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge offers a chance to see a variety of animals and species. Since there are auto tours available, visitors can see alligators, waterfowl, and other animals that make their home in the refuge. The refuge also offers hiking trails, biking trails, and fishing for a day that is filled with activities.

The Amistad National Recreation Area also provides a chance to see animals at different times of the year. Although it is not specifically a refuge for different species, the recreation area does have birds and other animals that move through the area at different times of the year.

Riding Horses

Equine therapy is an activity that offers a level of socialization with an animal. In some cases, the socialization and trust that builds up between a horse and a rider is a powerful tool to help with addiction treatment.

In Texas, there are several opportunities to ride horses and enjoy different trails. Even beginners can enjoy horseback riding at the Albuquerque Trailhead. Since there are several trails, individuals can explore different levels of difficulty.

Alternatively, the 542 Road offers a trail that is ideal for hiking, horseback riding, or enjoying a recreational vehicle. The trail allows several different activities, so riders will need to pay attention to their surroundings.

Recovering From Addiction

It is not surprising that there are a variety of outdoor activities that are available in Texas. Finding a wilderness treatment program offers a chance to explore the area and focus on recovery. RehabCenter.net can help with the search for an appropriate treatment program. There is no better day than today to contact us and seek a better life.


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