West Virginia Equine Therapy Rehab Centers

West Virginia Equine Therapy Rehab CentersWhat Is Equine Therapy?

As people attempt to gain control over their addiction and rid themselves from drugs or alcohol, they often experiment with some of the many different types of treatment options that are available to them in their time of need. Equine therapy is one of those options and involves the use of horses in a treatment and recovery setting. In addition to creating a much more comfortable environment for everyone involved, equine therapy has been proven to help people emotionally and with the development of the perspective they need to regain control of their lives and to truly vanquish these devastating types of addiction from their lives.

Equine Therapy: Facts And Figures

Drug and alcohol abuse are both incredibly serious issues that are negatively affecting the lives of millions of people around the world on a daily basis. According to information obtained and released by Samhsa.gov, there were 42,000 people in the state of West Virginia alone that needed but did not receive treatment for illicit drug use for whatever reason during the last year. During the same people of time, as many as 95,000 people desperately needed but did not receive treatment for alcohol abuse. Additionally, as much as 5.48 percent of the state’s population dealt with some type of serious mental disorder in the last year, which can be significantly exacerbating the other two issues.

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Equine therapy is a great way to create the most comfortable treatment environment possible, which itself goes a long way towards allowing professionals to get people the help that they need to address these issues head-on. By involving a horse in a traditionally clinical setting, it humanizes the process as much as possible. This can give a person the type of perspective they need to succeed in this particular form of treatment where so many others may have failed in the past.

Equine Therapy In West Virginia

At any given time there are a huge number of alcohol and substance abuse treatment facilities operating in and around the West Virginia area that patients can choose from depending on their needs. One of these that offers equine therapy is the Charleston Area Medical Center Behavioral Health Services Unit. In addition to inpatient treatment options, this facility offers holistic rehabilitation treatment and other alternative treatment options as well as assistance for those who may have hearing impairments.

The Charleston Treatment Center, Inc. facility is also in West Virginia and also likely offers equine therapy. In addition, this facility offers addiction treatment for pregnant women, for postpartum women, for men, for teens, for Christians and other specific groups of people. Outpatient counseling is also an option at this facility, as is assistance for those who may have hearing impairments.

The Prestera Center Mattie V Lee Home is also in West Virginia and it may offer equine therapy in addition to its other treatments and services. This particular facility also specializes in dual diagnosis treatment, which is an area of practice that is designed for people who mental and substance abuse issues that are occurring at the same time. Addiction treatment for women, pregnant women or postpartum women is also available, as are residential beds for the children of those particular clients. Alternative treatment options are also an option for people to choose from depending on their need.

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