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Ohio Equine Therapy Rehab CentersAddiction treatment facilities are beginning to realize that people are looking for more options when it comes to treating substance abuse and alcohol disorders. The majority of people who are battling an addiction to drugs and alcohol do not receive the treatment that they need in order to lead a healthy, productive life, and that often can be attributed to the fact that people do not feel that traditional treatment methods will help them.

In Ohio, 259,000 people needed treatment for illicit drug use but did not receive it, and 716,000 people required treatment for alcohol addiction but did not receive it. In order to reach more patients and provide them with the unique, personalized care that they need, more treatment facilities are incorporating holistic care into their treatment programs. Equine therapy programs are designed to help patients who are simultaneously suffering from addiction as well as mental health disorders. With about 4.6 percent of the population of Ohio suffering from a severe mental health issue, it’s important that there are holistic dual diagnosis care plans available for patients who need them.

What Is Equine Therapy?

Equine therapy is a form of animal-assisted therapy that involves working with horses on a daily basis in order to improve self-confidence, acquire new skills and become more aware of emotions. Equine therapy has proven to be very beneficial for people who suffer from physical disabilities, mental health disorders, anxiety, and depression. Given the fact that alcohol addiction and substance abuse is considered a mental health disorder, it comes as no surprise that this type of treatment proves itself to be very effective for many patients. During equine therapy, the patient is paired up with a horse and is required to care for that horse for a specific period of time. The patient is responsible for feeding the horse, grooming the horse and cleaning its stall. In some cases, the patient is able to ride the horse and exercise the horse.

The Benefits Of Equine Therapy

Equine therapy provides patients with an outlet during a very difficult time. It is designed to be a complementary treatment program and is often used in combination with medical care, counseling services, and group therapy programs. Patients who work with horses during their addiction recovery find that they can connect with the animal on an emotional level and they enjoy the fact that the horse is a non-judgmental party in their healing process. They learn how to adjust their behavior and control their emotions so that the horse feels comfortable and confident. They also acquire new life skills that can help them as they start their new life as a sober person. Patients who enroll in equine therapy programs often report that they are more confident and self-assured after they have completed their treatment, and they often have a better understanding of the root cause of their addiction.

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Equine therapy and other holistic treatment options can be beneficial for many different types of patients. If you or your loved one could benefit from an inpatient, holistic treatment center in Ohio, then contact us at RehabCenter.net today. When you place your confidential call, a caring counselor will be available to help you find the facility that will meet all of your needs. Let us help you on your path toward sobriety.

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