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Individuals suffering from mental health issues and substance abuse problems often feel as if they are alone, but they are not. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 3.27 percent of the population in Maryland suffered from at least one serious mental health issue in the past year. Many of those individuals also suffered from a chemical dependency to illegal drugs or alcohol.

There are many forms of treatment available to those who suffer from a co-occurring issue of mental health disorders and substance abuse problem. Counseling and medication management are popular options, but another form of treatment can be used – equine therapy.

Unfortunately many individuals, approximately 436,000 people in the state of Maryland, do not get help for their illegal drug or alcohol dependency. Learn about how equine therapy can help those individuals recover from a drug or alcohol abuse problem.

What Is Equine Therapy?

Equine therapy, commonly called horse therapy, is the use of therapeutic horses to treat emotional disorders or substance abuse problems. The way equine therapy works will vary depending upon the facility that offers it, but the goal is to allow a patient to form a close one-on-one relationship with a horse. This working relationship allows people to channel their emotions and/or learn responsibility, which are two very important things that must be done to overcome a substance abuse problem.

The tasks a patient performs during equine therapy can include:

  • Riding
  • Feeding
  • Grooming
  • Cleaning the stables
  • Simply interacting with the horse

A licensed counselor will often oversee the equine therapy session. They will help the patient explore their feelings and emotions, as well as talk about issues or memories that may arise.

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Why Is Equine Therapy Successful?

Horses are very trusting creatures. It is believed that during equine therapy, a patient starts to learn a sense of responsibility by having this trusting creature placed in their care. This act alone allows patients to increase their self-worth and learn important skills that will help them overcome their substance abuse problem.

In addition to learning new skills, equine therapy can help reduce stress. Just by being around the therapy horse, patients will dramatically reduce their stress levels, which allow them to focus on recovery and beat their chemical dependency.

Equine Therapy Facilities located In Maryland

Gaudenzia Addiction Treatment & Recovery

Located in beautiful Owings Mills, the Gaudenzia Addiction Treatment & Recovery Center is dedicated to helping individuals overcome both substance abuse problems and mental illnesses. Using a combination of clinical and medical treatment, the programs offered by this rehabilitation center will help individuals address the issues that caused a chemical dependency problem, as well as learn how to cope with it in the future.

Part of substance abuse recovery is finding a treatment plan that works. Unfortunately, due to the fact every individual is different not all treatment plans work for everyone. Gaudenzia Addiction Treatment & Recovery Center will create a personalized treatment plan that addresses both mental health issues and substance abuse problems. That treatment plan may include clinical services such as counseling and group therapy, as well as alternative therapies like animal support services, equine therapy, and art therapy.

Avery Road Combined Care

Avery Road Combined Care Treatment Center, located in Rockville, provides help to both men and women. The focus of this treatment program is helping individuals who suffer from co-occurring disorders. This could be in the form of suffering from two different types of substance abuse problems, or suffering from both a mental illness and chemical dependency.

Treatment programs offered at Avery Road Combined Care Treatment Center have a goal of providing patients with an accurate diagnosis of the issues they are facing. An accurate diagnosis helps the staff create personalized treatment plans that will eventually lead to sobriety. Those individualized treatment plans offered by the inpatient programs at Avery Roach may include counseling, family therapy, and alternative treatments, such as art therapy, animal therapy, and equine therapy.

Hope Health Systems, Inc.

Hope Health Systems, Inc. provides help to individuals who are suffering from mental health issues and substance abuse problems. This health clinic in Gwynn Oak provides help to everyone ranging in age from pre-teen to seniors. Programs are divided into age-specific groups, as this allows patients to receive support and guidance from their peers.

A vast majority of the focus at Hope Health Systems, Inc. is placed upon accurately diagnosing the mental health issues and creating a personalized treatment plan. Personal treatment plans are created by certified counselors and psychiatrists and can include a variety of treatment options. Treatment options that may be used include clinical counseling, medication management, support groups, and other alternative treatments. Alternative treatments may be arranged with the help of staff and may include equine therapy.

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