Virginia Equine Therapy Rehab Centers

Virginia Equine Therapy Rehab CentersWhat Is Equine Therapy?

Many drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation centers around the country are beginning to use horses to help aid in the recovery process. Horses are a great way to create a much more comfortable environment for everyone involved, which may be exactly what a person needs to truly rid themselves of drugs or alcohol for the last time. Equine therapy involves a patient developing a relationship with a horse and attending to the horses’ needs. This can include things like feeding the horse, grooming the animal and even exercising with it. This can go a long way towards allowing a person to develop the type of perspective they need to succeed in the recovery environment and return to their daily lives clean and sober.

Equine Therapy: Facts And Figures

Drug and alcohol abuse is not only a very serious issue that affects millions of people around the country on a daily basis, but it also happens to be one that does not discriminate on the grounds of geography. According to information obtained and released by, there were as many as 138,000 people across the state of Virginia that needed but were not receiving treatment for illicit drug use in the last year alone. There were 424,000 people who needed but were not receiving treatment for alcohol use during the same period of time. Additionally, it is estimated that 3.87 percent of the state’s population dealt with some type of serious mental disorder in the last year.

Equine therapy is by and large one of the most powerful ways to address these types of issues head-on. By involving an animal that must be cared for and attended to during the treatment process, it can help ground a person and remove the stresses of their daily lives as much as possible. This can go a long way towards establishing the types of emotional benefits that a person can then use to allow the remainder of the treatment process to be as successful as they can be.

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