8 Iowa Inpatient Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

The eight inpatient rehab centers in Iowa offer various therapies that target the causes and effects of addiction. The most effective blend of treatment methods may be different for each person.

Many Iowa residents struggle with opioid addiction as well as alcohol and other drug abuse. Eight inpatient rehab centers in Iowa offer hope to these individuals through intensive addiction treatment.

Not all inpatient rehab programs are the same, so it is essential that a person explore their options to find the most appropriate care for their needs.

Top 3 Iowa Inpatient Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

A good place to start the search for personalized care is at the top three Iowa inpatient alcohol and drug rehab centers. The following facilities use a range of proven treatment methods that have helped many Iowa residents heal from addiction.

1. Prairie Ridge, Mason City

Prairie Ridge is located on 20 acres of prairie land with a walking trail. The gender-specific inpatient rehab programs use evidence-based therapies to create individualized treatment plans. This may involve adventure therapy, family counseling, and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

2. Area Substance Abuse Council, Cedar Rapids

The Area Substance Abuse Council (ASAC) provides age-specific and gender-specific inpatient rehab programs. These include addiction treatment for teens as well as for women with children.

A treatment plan at ASAC consists of mental health counseling, life skills training, and other therapies that are relevant to each specific group. The time a person spends at this inpatient facility is based on their needs and how they progress in treatment.

3. Oak Meadow Treatment And Recovery Center, Ottawa

Inpatient addiction treatment at Oak Meadow Treatment and Recovery Center is part of a continuum. After 30 to 45 days in an inpatient rehab program, a person transitions to a partial hospitalization program (PHP) and may step down through several levels of outpatient care.

This ensures their full recovery as they transition back to everyday life.

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Inpatient Detox Programs In Iowa

Iowa inpatient rehab centers may offer medically supervised detox on-site. This is essential for people who have become physically dependent on drugs or alcohol because their body can no longer function properly without the abused substance.

During an inpatient detox program, an individual is monitored closely through the withdrawal process. A medical professional keeps an eye on their vital signs and provides support through medication and various therapies.

Iowa Inpatient Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Each Iowa inpatient alcohol and drug rehab center offers a different combination of therapies, approaches, and specialized programs.

Low-cost or free inpatient rehab centers usually offer a few traditional treatment types, possibly within age-specific or gender-specific programs. Luxury inpatient rehab centers provide more treatment options, which often include the latest evidence-based therapies.

Most inpatient rehab programs are customized to individual needs, and may consist of:

A person’s age, gender, and cultural background can influence how they respond to addiction treatment. For the most effective care, specialized inpatient programs may be offered to:

How Long Are Iowa Inpatient Rehab Programs?

Residential addiction treatment in Iowa commonly takes place in a 60- to 90-day long-term inpatient rehab program or a 28- to 30-day short-term inpatient rehab program.

While these are standard treatment lengths, a person may receive care for more or less time depending on their situation. Some inpatient facilities offer adjustable lengths of treatment, which may allow someone to remain six months to a year or more as needed.

The Difference Between Iowa Inpatient And Outpatient Rehab Programs

A major difference between Iowa inpatient and outpatient rehab programs is where a person lives during treatment. This also affects the time they spend working toward recovery.

Inpatient care provides a safe and secure living environment at the treatment facility. This demands a total life change, as a person spends even their free time in sober activities that encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Outpatient care allows the individual to return home after therapy sessions. Without the supportive community of inpatient care, they may continue to associate with people and places related to substance abuse, increasing the chance of relapse.

Many people find that an inpatient rehab program is the best way to lasting freedom from addiction.

Cities in Iowa With Inpatient Rehab Centers

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