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Last year, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, approximately 4.12 percent of the population in Iowa suffered from some type of serious mental illness. Many of those individuals did not seek treatment for that mental illness and instead turned to drugs or alcohol. Treating a mental illness in this manner could quickly turn into a much more serious substance abuse problem.

Help is available to anyone suffering from a substance abuse problem. Unfortunately, many individuals do not seek help. In fact, 245,000 individuals in Iowa every year suffer from illegal drug or alcohol dependency, but do not seek help.

If you are a loved one is suffering from a substance abuse problem, equine therapy may be able to help.

What Is Equine Therapy?

Equine therapy is an alternative treatment option for individuals who are suffering from mental illnesses or substance abuse problems. Patients will interact and work with a trained therapy horse during these treatment sessions. Some of the activities they may do include grooming, feeding, and even leading the horse around a fenced in area.

The simple act of interacting and working with the horse allows individuals to spend time reflecting upon their emotions. This reflective period allows patients to really get to the heart of the issue that cause the substance abuse problem.

Once a patient identifies their issues, a counselor is nearby to talk them through the emotions and issues. This talk therapy combined with the soothing quality of the horse proves very therapeutic.

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Equine Therapy In Iowa

Community & Family Resources, Fort Dodge

Facilities that offer treatment for co-occurring substance abuse problems and mental health issues often try to provide a variety of treatment options. This variety is needed because not every individual reacts to substance abuse treatment the same way. The Community & Family Resources Agency understands that, which is why there are many treatment options available to those living in or around Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Located is a small, more remote city in Iowa, this treatment center allows individuals to remove themselves from their busy lives and focus upon getting better and finding sobriety. There are a number of programs available ranging from short term and long term inpatient to outpatient services.

In an effort to accommodate people’s unique treatment needs, there may be the opportunity to seek alternative treatment, such as equine therapy or art therapy. Alternative treatment, when combined with clinical treatment, can help people successfully recover from a drug or alcohol problem.

New Directions Hightower Place Women’s Facility, Clinton

New Directions Hightower Place is a clinical facility focused upon providing treatment to women who are suffering from either a chemical dependency to drugs or alcohol, or a mental illness. The facility has a staff of well-qualified counselors who work to correctly identify and diagnosis a patient, as well as come up with a customized treatment plan.

When patients seek treatment at New Directions Hightower Place, they are able to find help through all steps of the recovery process. For those just starting out on the journey to recovery, there are intense outpatient programs, as well as residential short and long term programs. Upon completion of the programs, there are aftercare services that include continual one-on-one counseling, support groups, and sober living facilities.

While seeking treatment at this facility in Clinton, Iowa, patients will undergo regular counseling sessions and medication management. There may even be the opportunity to explore alternative substance abuse treatment, such as equine therapy.

Jackson Recovery Centers, Sioux City

Substance abuse problems don’t just impact you; they impact your entire family. Jackson Recovery Centers provides a safe environment for individuals looking to not only work on themselves, but restore their relationships with friends and family. Offering a variety of inpatient treatment services, this facility is truly focused on helping you identify and treat any underlying issues that may have caused your substance abuse problem to form.

In addition to the standard individual counseling, support groups, substance abuse educational classes, and family therapy, this facility may try to incorporate alternative treatment into your day-to-day activities. Alternative treatment, such as equine therapy, has proven extremely helpful to some individuals who are suffering from both substance abuse issues and mental illnesses. Providing this as a possible option can help individuals find sobriety.

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