Teen Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Iowa

Teenagers are very impressionable and often face high amounts of stress that can lead them to experiment with drugs or alcohol. Prolonged use of drugs during adolescence can be highly dangerous and lead to addiction. Iowa offers several teen rehab programs to get kids the help they need and set them back on a path to sobriety.

Substance misuse disorders are equal opportunity problems. They can sneak up on anyone regardless of age, gender, religion, education, race, wealth or lack of it; disorders don’t discriminate. Of all the different populations that fall victim to substance misuse disorders, those who are age 12 years to seventeen years, have specific problems. This age group is frequently referred to as adolescents. Kids in this age group experiment with the following products by the time they are seniors in high school. A goodly number have fallen victim to a substance misuse disorder before they graduate high school. Kids try the following substances while in middle school and high school:

  • Alcohol (70 percent)
  • Tobacco (40 percent)
  • Prescription medication for a non medical reason (20 percent)

Teens are especially vulnerable to substance misuse disorders as their brain are still growing. Chemical and alcohol use can disrupt brain development, especially the prefrontal cortex that is used for:

  • Controlling our emotions and impulses
  • Assessing situations
  • Making sound decisions

The importance of skilled treatment cannot be overestimated for teens as the prefrontal cortex completes development in an adolescents in their mid-20s.

Iowa Statistics for Teen Substance Misuse and Mental Health Problems

The Iowa population of those suffering a substance misuse disorder for ages 12 – 17 years old ranks among the lowest among the states for adolescents who are victims of substance misuse disorder. The number of these teens who use illicit drugs on a monthly basis is also among the lowest ranking around 6.31 percent to 7.51 percent of the total population aged 12 -17 years old.

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In the Midwest, including Iowa, adolescents suffering a major depressive episode numbered 10.81 of the population. A major depressive disorder is “a period of at least 2 weeks when an individual experienced a depressed mood or loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities and had a majority of specified depression symptoms.”

So, Iowa is a state with low adolescent numbers for substance abuse disorders, but as a population, they must be treated or succumb to immense problems in life in the near future.

How Young Teens Get Hooked on Drugs or Alcohol

Being a modern adolescent is not easy in today’s world as they are naturally curious and want to discover new things while developing a unique identity.

A number of elements are in play that influences whether an adolescent tries drugs or alcohol. These influences include:

  • The availability of drugs within the neighborhood or community
  • Peer drug and alcohol use
  • Struggles in home environment, school, or social life
  • Genetic vulnerability
  • Personality traits
  • Mental illness

Cities In Iowa With Rehab Centers For Teens

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