Iowa Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Many of those who commit crimes do so purely out of a sense of necessity or impaired judgment brought upon them by dependence on alcohol or drugs. If your own addiction has pushed you toward a criminal conviction in the state of Iowa, then a court-ordered recovery treatment program can help you turn back toward your former law-abiding ways.

Iowa, Substance Abuse and Crime

If you suffer from substance abuse in Iowa, you’re not alone. Approximately 10,000 Iowa residents reported suffered from a dependency on alcohol or illicit drugs within the past year. Of these, 8,620 received no treatment whatsoever for their alcohol dependence, while 2,000 failed to receive the necessary treatment for drug dependence.

Iowa’s collective substance abuse problems contribute to the state’s crime problems. In many cases, the resulting arrests were directly attributable to the possession of drugs or alcohol. It’s no surprise, for example, that 1,314 substance-related arrests occurred at the University of Iowa (recognized as the “top party school” in the nation) in 2013 alone. The troubling relationship between drugs/alcohol and crime exists on a national level, not just a statewide one. Statistics show that as many as 47.7 males arrested aged 18 or older are dependent on an illicit drug, and 45.5 percent are dependent on alcohol.

The Role of Court-Ordered Treatment

Court-ordered drug and alcohol treatment is often the best possible strategy for all concerned. For starters, it helps individuals stop committing crimes fueled or forced by substance dependency without having to lock them away in overcrowded prisons. It can also be the only thing that makes some individuals get the help they so desperately need, whether they recognize the need or not.

Alcohol and drugs can fog the brain’s ability to make sound judgments and resist impulsive behaviors — known factors in criminal activity. Chemically induced lack of judgment or physical coordination leads to DUI/DWI convictions. Last but not least, the overpowering urge to feed the addiction can compel otherwise law-abiding citizens to commit burglaries or assaults. A court order to treat an addiction therefore helps both the treated individual and society as a whole.

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