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The Cost Of Rehab Vs. The Cost Of Addiction

John Schaffer, LPCC

Medically reviewed by

John Schaffer, LPCC

April 5, 2019

It’s clear that getting help does cost money, but no one should have to decide between staying addicted or getting the help they need. For many users, rehab seems like a huge expense that they may be unable to afford. But there are also costs associated with not getting treatment that you might not have considered.

Job Troubles

Substance users are known for calling in sick frequently, and for under-performing at their job, all of which can lead to missing important opportunities such as promotions and raises. On top of a loss of income and recognition, a person may become more frustrated with themselves and using more drugs or alcohol, digging a deeper hole into their addiction and as a result, being fired from their job.

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Family Problems

Even if a person who abuses drugs or alcohol can achieve a balance of their work and personal life, there is still a ripple effect on those at home and on personal relationships. Trouble maintaining close relationships that can lead to expensive divorces, and any children in the family are left trying to adjust and understand their parent’s addiction.

Children of all ages suffer greatly when a parent abuses alcohol or drugs, and many have experienced a psychological and emotional roller coasters for years well into their adulthood. Feelings such as confusion, fear, worry, sadness, and anger are typical in children, but they might show and express these feelings differently. This behavior often can lead to bad grades, violence towards their peers, and complete distrust in authority figures. As they grow older, they may even pick up drugs or alcohol themselves as a way to escape what they’re experiencing at home.

Legal Matters

People who abuse drugs or alcohol often find themselves in trouble with the law. They often resort to stealing or lying to support their habit, and if they’re caught buying, possessing, or using these drugs, they have to spend thousands of dollars in court fees, lawyer consultations, etc.. Charges such as drug possession, a DUI, and domestic disturbances can damage a person’s reputation or get themselves thrown into jail, leading to a lifetime of obstacles down the road that may be irreversible.

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