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Picture a location that is close to the ocean and that provides the perfect weather conditions throughout the entire year. Imagine leaving a treatment program with an opportunity to move forward after substance abuse. Torrance has the treatment programs to encourage recovery, and it offers beautiful surroundings, which make it an ideal location after completing the treatment program.


Transportation is key to ensuring that one can move to the area or that loved ones can visit during a treatment program. The Los Angeles International Airport is roughly 8 miles northwest of Torrance, which makes it a convenient location for any individual who is traveling to the area or planning a stay for treatment. The Compton/Woodley Airport is also a reasonable drive of about 6.5 miles from Torrance.

Average Weather

Imagine living in an area that has perfect weather throughout the entire year. According to, Torrance has comfortable average temperatures, regardless of the season. The average lows range from 46 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter to 62 degrees during the summer.

The highs are also relatively comfortable for the entire year, with average highs ranging from 65 degrees to 78 degrees. Generally, the weather is mild, and it is rare for the temperatures to drop to freezing.

Rehab Centers

Treating an addiction requires an appropriate treatment program. The population in Torrance is more than 145,000 residents, says City Data, and there are addiction treatment options available in the city.

The Twin Town Treatment Centers offers outpatient treatment programs to help with recovery. Residents of Torrance can obtain treatment without giving up personal responsibilities or putting a career on hold for treatment. The program focuses on evidence-based treatment and provides appropriate counseling based on the needs of the individual who is recovering from substance abuse.

The United Drug Rehab Group also has a location for treatment in Torrance. The program includes detoxification services and focuses on residential needs. Since it is a luxury or an executive program, the treatment plan can vary significantly among individuals. The treatment program offers long-term programs if it is necessary for the individual.


Individuals who are planning to visit a loved one in treatment or who are considering a treatment program can find several hotels in Torrance. Visitors can stay at the Best Western Plus for a comfortable, budget-friendly option. For more luxurious accommodations, the Miyako Hybrid Hotel or the Torrance Marriott are good choices.

Employment Opportunities

As a relatively large city, Torrance has a variety of job opportunities. City Data reports that the primary industries within the area are professional, scientific, construction, educational services and transportation. There are also job opportunities in food services and public administration.

Torrance is a beautiful city that offers the amenities and fast-paced lifestyle of an urban setting with the comforts of mild weather and nearby beaches. Imagine a lifestyle that includes outdoor activities for the entire year or that provides a chance to maintain recovery for a lifetime with appropriate programs. Torrance has something to offer any individual who is trying to recover from substance abuse.

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