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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs that Accept First Health Network

Dr. Gerardo Sison

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Dr. Gerardo Sison

April 9, 2019

Insurance coverage enables many people to seek addiction treatment when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it. First Health Network offers several plans that provide varying levels of drug and alcohol addiction coverage.

Paying for alcohol or drug addiction treatment can seem overwhelming. In fact, it’s one of the primary reasons why people choose not to seek treatment. Luckily, insurance companies like First Health Network offer financial coverage for a variety of addiction treatment services.

First Health Network offers coverage throughout all 50 states. It also provides insurance to those in the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. First Health is considered to be the nation’s leading PPO (Preferred Provider Organization).

Many First Health Network plans provide coverage for addiction treatment. The exact amount of coverage will vary from plan to plan.

Does First Health Network Cover Addiction Treatment And Services?

First Health Network is a subsidiary of Aetna. Because of this connection, First Health is able to provide services that span across thousands of hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other health facilities.

Most of First Health Network’s plans provide coverage for substance abuse treatment. How much treatment covered will depend on the insurance plan as well as whether the services rendered are within the network.

First Health Network has also established a Strategic Solutions Program, which makes sure that clients receive some form of coverage whether treatment is within the network or not. This program categorizes services as being Primary Network, Secondary Network, or Non-Network Negotiation Services. Coverage is greater when services are within the Primary Network.

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Common Substance Abuse Treatment And Services Covered By First Health Network

There are several different options when it comes to alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Your condition and your needs will be the main deciding factor in which services you pursue.

Each First Health Network plan will vary as to which services and treatment it covers as well as the amount that will be covered. Common addiction services covered under many insurance plans include:

  • detoxification programs
  • drug tests
  • medications used during detoxification and treatment
  • counseling
  • mental health treatment

First Health Network may also provide coverage for more intensive treatment approaches such as inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Inpatient treatment is a residential program that involves daily therapy and other forms of addiction treatment. For example, someone may receive medication-assisted treatment (MAT) alongside group and individual therapy and support group meetings.

First Health Network will likely cover a portion of an inpatient treatment program, especially if the facility is within its network. Inpatient services that may be covered include screening and lab tests, counseling, and medication.

Outpatient treatment is less intensive than inpatient programs and offers more freedom for patients. For example, many people can continue to go to work or school while participating in an outpatient addiction program.

First Health Network will likely provide partial or full coverage for an outpatient program. Again, coverage will depend on the individual plan a person has as well as whether the treatment facility is within First Health’s network.

Using First Health Network To Cover Addiction Treatment

Before using your First Health Network insurance plan to cover addiction treatment, there are a few things you should consider. The first should be whether or not the rehab facility you plan to attend is in First Health Network’s network of providers.

Understanding which treatment services best suit you is also important. A treatment specialist can help you determine what program is most appropriate for your unique condition and needs.

Last but not least, a First Health Network representative can help you better understand what your plan covers. A representative can also inform you of any copays, deductibles, or out-of-pocket expenses you may have to pay.

Some First Health Network plans may also require you to seek prior authorization before providing coverage. This is especially true for more intensive treatment such as inpatient addiction treatment.

Finding A Rehab Program That Accepts First Health Network

Using your insurance plan can help to minimize the cost of drug or alcohol addiction treatment. This can significantly lessen the financial burden of getting the help you need and deserve.

Speaking with a treatment representative today can help you determine which facility is best for you. A treatment specialist can also review your insurance plan and help you maximize your coverage options.

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