16 New Mexico Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

New Mexico is no stranger to the drug epidemic that is sweeping the nation. In fact, New Mexico ranks highly compared to other states when it comes to the number of adolescents who abuse drugs. Fortunately, the state has responded to this crisis with the addition of several drug and alcohol treatment facilities to give individuals the opportunity to find the help that they need.

New Mexico is called the Land of Enchantment for its beautiful natural vistas and unique wilderness areas. Renowned for its mineral wealth and proud Native American legacy, New Mexico’s economy today is driven by the many military installations in the state.

But the specter of substance abuse looms large in this enchanted land. In recent years, New Mexico has led the nation in rates of drug abuse by adolescents, and the prescription drug abuse epidemic has devastated lives all over the state.

Statistics today are not as dire, in part because of the excellent drug and alcohol abuse treatment centers that have sprung up to meet the crisis. Inpatient drug rehab adopts different treatment methodologies suited to the diverse needs of their patients.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Is the Best Method for Battling Addiction

The residential setting of inpatient addiction centers in New Mexico adds a dimension of flexibility to the treatment provided. Medical professionals adopt short-term treatment methodologies that benefit from the inpatient setting. The Na’ Nizhoozhi Center in Gallup, New Mexico, is one such center. Physicians, psychologists, counselors, and therapists adopt customized and intensive courses of treatment and monitor the progress of their patients closely.

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Another successful inpatient center is the Crossroads Mayas Place in Albuquerque. Here, intensive short-term and comprehensive residential rehabilitation programs typically last 30 days or fewer. A substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation program usually consists of these four stages—detoxification, therapeutic intervention, life-skills development, and relapse prevention.

No two patients are alike. The addiction treatment unit of the Turquoise Lodge Hospital in Albuquerque understands this basic principle. They specialize in treatment and counseling sessions for patients who are speech impaired. Their sessions are conducted separately from those carried out for the other residents at the facility and may be of varying durations.

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Addiction can destroy anyone’s life—age, gender, social status do not matter. If you’re locked in a battle with addiction, inpatient rehab is the best way to recover your life.

RehabCenter.net provides free information about the best inpatient drug rehab in New MexicoRehabCenter.net provides free information about the best addiction treatment programs all over New Mexico. Contact us to help yourself or a loved one reclaim life quickly.

Cities with inpatient addiction treatment centers in New Mexico

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