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Colorado, one of the most mountainous states in the U.S., also holds the dubious distinction of having one of the highest rates of illicit drugs usage in the country. On top of this, marijuana was recently legalized here. So rehab programs in Colorado are ramping up efforts to usher in more sophisticated treatment methodologies to quicken the recovery process of their patients.

Patients admitted to Colorado inpatient drug rehabs are the first to receive the benefits of new research and advanced treatment procedures because these are generally launched first in the residential setting of inpatient facilities. Patients can additionally benefit from the adoption of advanced therapeutic and rehabilitation procedures because physicians and therapists can constantly monitor responses and customize treatment methods accordingly.

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Research findings published by the American Psychiatric Association show that substance addiction affects men and women quite differently. Based on that fact: pharmacological and behavioral treatment methodologies should also differ according to the gender of the patient. The Center for Dependency, Addiction, & Rehabilitation (CeDAR) in Aurora provides gender-based addiction treatment programs. Their specialized programs take into account the increased tendency of women to fall prey to relapses after being cured of their addictions. Thus, treatment program at CeDAR for women focuses more on relapse prevention than on the pharmacological procedures.

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Like the methodology, the ideal duration of an addiction treatment program varies according to the specific needs, the severity of the addiction, the presence of any underlying health condition, and the patient’s rate of progress. On the other hand, DUI offenders, who are directed by the court to undergo a substance abuse program, do not have to be admitted for the entire duration of a treatment program. Nor do they have to go through all the standard procedures meant for patients with severe addiction issues. Narconon Colorado in Fort Collins provides both short and long-term inpatient treatment to ensure their patients do not have to stay for longer than is needed.

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The best facilities in Colorado stay abreast of the latest research findings that shape addiction treatment methodologies. Being at the forefront of adopting sophisticated treatment programs in helps their patients recover quickly and completely.

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