Minnesota Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Minnesota Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Minnesota inpatient rehab centers provide a supportive living environment for individuals recovering from addiction. Each inpatient facility offers a variety of treatment types that can be blended into a personalized care plan.

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Rehab In Minnesota: What’s The Difference?

When attending an inpatient rehab program in Minnesota, a person lives at an addiction treatment facility. This immerses them in the therapeutic community with other individuals who are working toward recovery. Therapy sessions take up most of their time.

Minnesota outpatient rehab programs do not require such a time commitment. Therapy sessions may only fill a few hours per week and are sometimes offered in the evening as well as during the day. Individuals live at home and are able to continue most normal activities.

Why Choose A Minnesota Inpatient Rehab Program?

Inpatient addiction treatment is more effective for most people because it demands a complete life change. While the home environment often contains triggers to substance abuse, an inpatient rehab center structures each day around recovery.

Inpatient Detox Programs In Minnesota

Inpatient detox programs in Minnesota may be part of a comprehensive treatment plan at an inpatient rehab center. These programs aid people in safely clearing their bodies of alcohol and drugs before treating their addiction.

Medications may be administered during inpatient detox to reduce discomfort and stabilize a person’s vital functions. Counseling and other therapies are sometimes offered as well.

Minnesota Inpatient Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers: What To Expect

The most effective Minnesota inpatient alcohol and drug rehab centers use a blend of evidence-based therapies to target the root of addiction. This combination may be different for each individual, as many inpatient treatment plans are based on personal need.

Addiction treatment types and approaches that may be found in Minnesota include:

Separate programs for women or men, which aim to eliminate distractions and focus on gender-specific issues, may be found at luxury inpatient rehab centers as well as free or low-cost inpatient facilities.

Residential programs may also be tailored to:

How Long Are Minnesota Inpatient Rehab Programs?

Minnesota inpatient rehab programs may have a set length, which is commonly 28 to 30 days. This is considered to be a short-term inpatient rehab program and may offer a high intensity of care.

People who have relapsed or are just beginning to develop an addiction may benefit from short-term care. Many individuals, however, require a longer time in addiction treatment to experience lasting recovery.

Long-term inpatient rehab programs offer more time to heal. They may provide 60- or 90-day programs, or they may adjust the length of treatment as needed during an individual’s stay.

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