Top 10 Free And Low-Cost Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In Minnesota

Minnesota substance abuse treatment facilities have seen an increase in admissions over the last ten years. Limited funding reduces the availability of low-cost or free options. These are some of the low-cost or free drug and alcohol rehab locations in Minnesota.

The Best 10 Free And Low-Cost Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In Minnesota

While a prescription opioid abuse epidemic is raging across the United States, Minnesota is experiencing something a little different. Opioids are a problem, however heroin has emerged as the most commonly abused opioid for those entering treatment. In addition, methamphetamine abuse has reached epidemic levels as well.

Drug and alcohol abuse is tied with other factors, such as homelessness and mental illness. When addressing the substance abuse issues in Minnesota includes treating these additional factors.

In 2017, Minnesota received over $41 million in substance abuse treatment and prevention funding, as well as $15 million in grants for mental health treatment. A total of $57 million was allocated to Minnesota to combat the ever growing drug and alcohol abuse problems in the state.

Locating treatment that addresses all areas of addiction, at a cost that is affordable, can feel impossible. The following locations in Minnesota are offering drug and alcohol treatment at low-cost rates, or even free, depending on individual needs.

1-4. Wayside Recovery Center

3705 Park Center Blvd.
Saint Louis Park, Minnesota 55416

Wayside Recovery Center is a comprehensive treatment option for women struggling with addiction. There are multiple options available in order to provide substance abuse rehabilitation to women. Inpatient and outpatient services, at low, medium, and high intensity, are offered through Wayside Recovery. Each person is given a detailed treatment plan that is catered to their individual needs while in recovery.

  • Family Treatment Center, Minneapolis allows women to bring their children into rehab with them. Women who are pregnant may also enter treatment and give birth while receiving addiction treatment services. Child and family services are provided while the family is attending treatment.
  • Women’s Treatment Center, Saint Louis Park works to address both substance abuse and mental health issues. This approach allows women to obtain sobriety while also attending to the symptoms of their mental health issues that compounded their addiction.
  • Wayside Wellness, Saint Paul houses an outpatient drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation program that offers intensive outpatient drug and alcohol abuse treatment (IOP) for women before and after inpatient services have been rendered.
  • Wayside Supportive Housing, Saint Louis Park is a 20-unit permanent housing option for women and their children after they complete residential treatment. In some circumstances, women without children are accommodated at the complex. This long-term option helps women transition from residential treatment back into the community.

Wayside Recovery Center accepts insurance, as well as state funded assistance plans. There are coverage options for those who are not currently insured that are provided through a fund using federal grants and funding. If a person meets certain criteria, treatment at Wayside is free. Wayside will not turn away a person needing substance abuse treatment.

5-8. Valhalla Place

6043 Hudson Rd.
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55125

Valhalla Place offers preventative, evaluative, outpatient, and medically assisted treatment (MAT) for substance abuse rehabilitation options. Professional, certified staff conduct group, individual, and family counseling for individuals struggling with addiction. Clients also have access to psychiatric care and medications.

Valhalla offices are established in the following Minnesota locations:

  • Brooklyn Park
  • Woodbury
  • Minneapolis
  • Brainerd

Services can be paid for using grant funding and special circumstances can lower the cost of treatment.

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9. New Life Treatment Center

130 Dakota St.
Woodstock, Minnesota 56186

New Life Treatment Center can be found in rural southern Minnesota, and provides residential drug and alcohol abuse treatment to up to 21 people struggling with addiction. In 30 to 45 days, residents will detox from substances of abuse while they complete drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Additional services are offered for meth abuse, compulsive gambling, and aftercare programs are also available.

Private donations reduce the fees for treatment, and the remaining cost can be covered by public or private funds. New Life will work with the individual to determine payment and payment options.

10. Latitudes

1609 Jackson St.
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55117

Latitudes is an LGBTQ+ facility that caters to the specific needs of those struggling with drug and alcohol abuse within the LGBTQ+ community. Substance abuse and addiction in this demographic requires support and acceptance, especially to those who do not experience this in their everyday lives.

Within the Saint Paul area, Latitudes partners with other LGBTQ+ friendly community resources to increase access to services for residents.

Latitudes does accept insurance and will explore payment arrangements on as-needed basis. Some available funding can reduce the cost of treatment, and in some cases, treatment may be free of charge to the client.

Free Or Low-Cost Substance Abuse Treatment In Minnesota

Minnesota has high rates of substance abuse, specifically meth and heroin. Drug and alcohol abuse affect many different aspects of life, and Minnesota is diligently working to provide evidence-based, well-rounded rehabilitation treatment options.

Increasing access to affordable treatment is one way Minnesota intends to combat the drug abuse program in the state. With this increase, more locations will offer treatment at little to no cost, and more facilities will come available. Let us help you navigate these options.

Reach out to us today, and we can find a substance abuse treatment facility that will help you or your loved one achieve sobriety.

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