115 Minnesota Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Many individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol are more willing to take part in activities, especially criminal activities, than if they were sober. The state of Minnesota often offers court-ordered treatment instead of punishment to individuals who have been caught committing a drug-related crime.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Recovery

Drug and alcohol addiction is an incredibly serious issue that affects millions of people all over the United States on a daily basis. In Minnesota in particular, it was estimated that almost half of all males that were arrested in the past 30 days alone were taken into custody as the result of some type of binge or excessive drinking situation.

In many of these types of cases, court-ordered treatment will be sentenced by a judge in court in an attempt to force the person in question to get the type of help that they need to beat their issues once and for all. In many situations, the person may be given a choice: they can either serve out a jail sentence or complete a mandatory treatment program at a facility in the area where they live. This type of treatment has the benefit of forcing the person to seek help for their addiction troubles, which is a type of power that the individual’s closest friends and family members may not necessarily have.

Court Ordered Treatment and Recovery Centers in Minnesota

One of the best things about living in a state like Minnesota has to do with the wide range of different court-ordered treatment and recovery centers that are available for you to choose from in your time of need. One of those is the African American Family Services Center, which is located in the heart of Minneapolis. The African American Family Services Center offers addiction treatment for women and outpatient counseling treatment in addition to standard court-ordered addiction treatment options. Also available are dual diagnosis treatment services, which are specifically designed for people that have both mental and substance abuse disorders that are co-occurring.

Another facility located in the area is the Center for African Immigrants Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol Facility. It offers addiction treatment for teens, court-ordered alcohol treatment for DUI or DWI offenders, outpatient counseling treatment and more. Dual diagnosis is an option at this particular facility as well, as are holistic rehabilitation treatment and other alternative treatment options.

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The Eden Men’s Program is also available to those living in and around Minnesota, which offers court-ordered addiction treatment, addiction treatment for men, outpatient counseling treatment and other options. This particular facility makes available aftercare addiction treatment options like halfway houses and sober living facilities. It also offers inpatient partial hospitalization, day treatment, work programs, residential-long term inpatient treatment, and others. Long-term inpatient treatment option would be any stay at the facility in a period like 60, 90, or 120 days.

Health Recovery Center, Inc. also operates a high quality facility in the Minneapolis area. It offers addiction treatment for gays and lesbians, addiction treatment for pregnant or postpartum women, outpatient counseling treatment, court-ordered treatment for DUI or DWI offenders and more. This facility also makes available a wide range of different payment options that will allow a person to get the type of help that they need regardless of their current financial situation. A sliding pay scale is always an option, for example, that will see the total amount of money that a person is asked to pay adjusted based on factors like their current employment status, the total amount of money that they have available to them and more.

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