55 Michigan Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Michigan’s drug abuse and addiction rates in adults are much higher than that of the national average. Fortunately, Michiganders have several options when it comes to choosing a rehabilitation facility that is right for them.

Home to the American auto industry, Michigan epitomizes the industrial might of the country. But in recent years, Michigan residents have experienced higher than average unemployment rates, encouraging many Michigan residents to turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to self-medicate.

Like in most states, marijuana is the most commonly abused illicit drug in Michigan, with abuse rates significantly above national averages of 8% of adults. In Michigan, rates are closer to 12% as of 2012, according to the US Government. But prescription drug abuse and alcohol dependence are also higher than average in Michigan.

Fortunately, Michigan’s rehabilitation centers offer anyone suffering from addiction the professional help they need to overcome this terrible disease. From traditional 12 step programs to the latest in rehabilitation science, Michigan’s inpatient drug rehab centers provide a wealth of proven options for recovery.

From Supervised Detox to Sober Living Skills, Michigan’s Rehab Centers Rise to the Challenge

To help Michigan’s residents regain their lives from the clutches of addiction, many excellent residential rehab programs exist in every corner of the state, offering a variety of treatment models that include 12 step and cognitive behavioral therapy. A Forever Recovery in Battle Creek, Michigan also provides medically supervised detoxification and individual and group therapy sessions. Additional amenities found at A Forever Recovery include halfway house facilities, residential short and long-term care, and hospital inpatient provisions for patients suffering from serious health conditions due to chronic addiction.

In the northern region of Michigan, the Cedars inpatient Rehabilitation Center in Manistee offers short and long-term inpatient drug rehab programs implementing psychological assistance for patients suffering from depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, or more severe psychiatric illnesses. The Cedars addresses the special needs of all patients by using the newest and most effective therapeutic methods available, including motivational interviewing and psychoeducation, as well as a 24-hour detoxification program that employes the latest medications for relief from painful withdrawal symptoms.

Another fine example of Michigan’s rehab centers is Washington Way Recovery Center in Jackson, Michigan. Programs at Washington Way are designed to approach all aspects of addiction, and the staff of committed professionals makes patients feel hopeful and secure in their quest for lifelong sobriety. In addition to integrating proven psychotherapeutic techniques with counseling sessions, Washington Way Recovery Center offers aftercare for patients who complete their individualized recovery program and begin a sober life outside the facility.

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Deciding to get help for an addiction is terrifying, especially if you have relied on drugs and alcohol for a long time to escape from deep-seated emotional pain. Reaching out to empathetic and dependable addiction specialists working at Michigan rehabilitation centers will give you the strong support necessary to start changing your life from one of hopelessness and despair to one that is full of meaning, hope, and gratitude.

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