Michigan Drug Detox Centers

Michigan Drug Detox Centers

Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Michigan Work to Help Those Suffering from Addiction in the Great Lakes State

The home to the Motor City, Michigan is often thought of as a state that is hard on its luck. While it is experiencing a sort of renaissance when it comes to culture and rebuilding the industry within this manufacturing state, there are still many social issues and health issues that need to be addressed in Michigan. Drug overdose is becoming increasingly prevalent, with more people dying from overdose each year.

Michigan is ranked as the 18th leading state when it comes to deaths from drug overdoses. Of every 100,000 overdoses in the state, 13.9 people die as a result of the overdose. In many of those cases, the person has overdosed on prescription drugs. This fact is even more alarming to officials in the state, since the mortality rate has tripled since 1999. In 1999, 4.6 people out of every 100,000 overdoses died as a result of the overdose. The rate tripled in 10 states across the country, leaving Michigan as one of the states with a growing drug overdose epidemic.

Despite the fact that Michigan has seen its mortality rate from drug overdoses triple in the last decade, there are no new laws being created in order to combat the prevalence of drug abuse and substance abuse in the state.

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Why Drug Detox is Essential

After a person has decided that they want to move forward with their lives and away from their addictions, they have to take the next difficult step of entering a rehabilitation center and detoxifying. This can be a scary and intimidating time, so it is important for the person suffering from addiction to find caretakers and supporters who they can trust. Drug rehab centers often work with patients to help them get through the several stages of detox, including the first and most difficult stage where the patient experiences the symptoms of withdrawal. After getting through the first stage, patients move into the second stage where they must address the long-term implications and causes of their addiction.

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