13 Indiana Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Indiana is above average when it comes to drug abuse and addiction rates. Fortunately, Indiana offers several addiction treatment programs for those seeking to live a life of sobriety.

Home to the world-famous Indy 500, Indiana is one of America’s most famous states. But the prosperity of Indiana hides a disturbing alcohol and drug addiction problem amongst its residents. Indiana has an illicit drug usage rate that is more than the national average. Indiana inpatient drug rehab centers tackle addiction and substance abuse with comprehensive diagnostic, treatment, and counseling services.

The most effective addiction treatment methodology is a multi-step approach, consisting of a medically supervised detoxification, therapeutic intervention, life skills development, and relapse prevention. Such a treatment program can only succeed in a residential setting where patients live away from the social and environmental factors that contributed to their drug dependence. Indiana’s residential treatment centers remove you from the stress of your daily life, focus your time and energy on getting better, and provide professional supervision from experienced physicians and therapists.

Indiana Inpatient Drug Rehab Facilities Treat the Whole Patient, Individual and All

Although a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program usually consists of the above-mentioned steps, multiple scientific studies have shown that the most effective treatment programs cater directly to the specific needs of each patient. This individual focus means that addiction treatment programs can greatly vary in duration.

For instance, a detoxification regimen for one patient can have him come clean from addiction all at once, while another patient may need to be weaned off a substance throughout a period of several weeks or months. The length of the detoxification process depends on the severity of the patient’s withdrawal symptoms. That is why the Fairbanks Hospital Supportive Living Program in Indianapolis and the Amethyst House in Bloomington provide both short and long-term addiction treatment programs.

The duration of a residential program also varies depending on the nature of each addiction. In many cases, mental and substance abuse disorders are dually diagnosed in individuals. Gallahue Mental Health Center Community Hospitals of Indiana, based in Indianapolis, specializes in dual diagnostic treatment.

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