Tennessee Equine Therapy Rehab Centers

Equine therapy is used for patients who have substance abuse disorders, mental illness or a number of other conditions. It can be effective for both men and women of any age. Find an equine therapy program in Tennessee today.

In the state of Tennessee, many people are currently suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. In fact, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that 356,000 people in this state needed but did not receive treatment for alcohol abuse in 2007, while 129,000 people needed but did not receive treatment for drug abuse in the same year.

For many people, substance abuse is complicated by mental illness. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, approximately 4.59 percent of the population in this state was dealing with a serious mental illness in 2013. These statistics just go to show the need for alternative treatment options for people in Tennessee. Equine therapy can be one of those options and might be the right fit for you or someone you know struggling with addiction or mental illness.

Benefits Of Equine Therapy

Equine therapy is a type of holistic therapy that is designed to improve the patient’s psychological and emotional health. During this type of therapy, patients spend time with horses in a therapeutic setting.

Equine therapy sessions are especially effective for patients with a dual diagnosis of mental illness and addiction. These patients often have low self-esteem and feel like their lives are not in their control. As they work with the horses, however, these patients are able to regain a sense of control and build self-esteem.

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Spending time with horses during equine therapy sessions also allows patients to grow emotionally and build important social skills. As patients care for the horses, they build a mutually-beneficial relationship with the animal, and they develop more confidence in their own abilities to be productive and successful.

Equine Therapy In Tennessee

Recovery Ranch

Located in Nunnelly, Tennessee, Recovery Ranch is a working cattle and horse ranch that offers an experientially based treatment program for individuals suffering from addictions to drugs or alcohol. The program offers equine therapy in conjunction with other types of treatment, including one-on-one sessions, group counseling and more. Through interactions with the horses, patients learn communication, interpersonal respect, and empathy. They are also encouraged to identify and deal with the underlying issues contributing to their addictions.

English Mountain Recovery

English Mountain Recovery is a treatment center located near the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. This facility offers holistic treatment programs designed to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Treatment programs often include equine-assisted therapy, which is designed to help patients experience the power of a relationship with a horse, bond with other members of the group and identify issues that are standing in the way of the success of treatment.

Foundations Recovery Network

Foundations Recovery Network is based in Nashville, Tennessee. This facility incorporates equine therapy with traditional approaches to addiction treatment. The goal of the program is to improve the patient’s self-esteem, confidence, and ability to deal with challenges. Through equine therapy, patients learn to develop healthy relationships, build trust and process their own emotions.

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