Mississippi Equine Therapy Rehab Centers

Mississippi offers a variety of addiction treatment programs including equine therapy. These programs help individuals recover from an addiction to drugs or alcohol by teaching them how to care for and understand horses.

Abuse of alcohol and drugs is a common problem among the residents of Mississippi. In fact, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that, in 2007, 57,000 people in this state needed but did not receive treatment for the use of illicit drugs, while 142,000 people needed but did not receive treatment for the abuse of alcohol.

For many of these people, substance abuse accompanies a mental illness. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 4.72 percent of the population of Mississippi suffered from serious mental illnesses in 2013. These facts display the need for learning about all the different treatments types available, one of which is equine therapy.

About Equine Therapy

The term “equine therapy” refers to a type of treatment that utilizes horses in a therapeutic setting. It is effective for patients of all ages and may be used to treat mental illnesses and addictions to drugs or alcohol.

Equine therapy is beneficial to all substance abuse patients, especially those whose addictions are complicated by mental illness. Participating in equine therapy can help patients develop new cognitive and social skills, improve their self-esteem and achieve emotional growth. In addition, patients who participate in these sessions may develop a better sense of balance and control over their lives.

During equine therapy sessions, patients spend time with horses and tend to their basic needs. Typical activities include grooming, exercising the horse and just being in the presence of the animal. Through these interactions, patients develop a relationship with the horse, become calmer and learn how to manage their addictions more effectively.

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Equine Therapy In Mississippi

Equine therapy is available in many locations throughout the state of Mississippi. Some of the treatment centers in Mississippi that offer equine therapy include:

COPAC, Brandon

Located in Brandon, Mississippi, COPAC offers a number of specialized drug and mental illness treatment programs, including equine therapy. The goal of COPACs program is to help patients build important life skills, develop trust and reduce their stress levels. Patients are also encouraged to identify and overcome fears while bonding with the horse.

Hospitality Healing Home Center, Oxford

Located in Oxford, Mississippi, the Hospitality Healing Home Center offers a number of different treatment programs for patients with addictions, eating disorders and psychiatric problems. Equine therapy is available at this facility and is designed to help patients build the confidence and emotional skills they need to overcome their addictions.

A Bridge to Recovery, Ridgeland

A Bridge to Recovery is a comprehensive addiction treatment center located in Ridgeland. This facility tailors all of its treatment programs to the needs of each individual patient. One member of the staff is certified to provide equine therapy and can work with patients who may benefit from this treatment modality.

Angels Recovery, Southhaven

Located in Southaven, Mississippi, Angels Recovery uses equine therapy in conjunction with group sessions and traditional therapy in order to help clients build self-confidence, deal with emotional issues and move forward with their lives. The staff at this facility believes that equine therapy can help clients focus on tasks and experiences outside of their addiction, which helps them return to a healthier mental state.

Seeking Equine Treatment In Mississippi

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