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Louisiana Equine Therapy Rehab Centers

What Is Equine Therapy?

Equine therapy is a very specific type of drug and alcohol abuse recovery technique that is making significant progress across the country in the last several years. As its name suggests, it takes a person out of a traditional rehabilitation setting and places them in charge of the health and well being of a horse for a part of the day. Throughout their interaction with the animal, patients will be tasked with exercising with the horse, caring for it and even feeding it.

Many studies have been conducted that show that this is a great way to ground a person emotionally, providing them with the mental perspective that they need to truly succeed in the remainder of the treatment process. Equine therapy is offered in Louisiana and in many other states on a regular basis.

The Substance Abuse Issues In Louisiana

The need for equine therapy and other types of treatment in Louisiana is increasing every year. According to, as many as 98,000 people across the state of Louisiana needed but did not receive treatment for illicit drug use during the past year. During the same period of time, 248,000 people across the state needed but did not receive treatment for alcohol abuse.

One of the many reasons why people might not be receiving the type of treatment that they need has to do with mental health issues that are equally widespread. Mental health issues are often one of the reasons why drug or alcohol conditions are exacerbated significantly, making rehabilitation all the more difficult. The same website indicated that as much as 3.56 percent of Louisiana’s population battled some type of severe mental illness during the last year, pointing to a very serious problem that we as a society can no longer afford to ignore.

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