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Hawaii Equine Therapy Rehab Centers

In the past few years, equine therapy has shown a great deal of promise as a therapy option for individuals who struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Hawaii offers several of these programs to help individuals get back on their feet and live a life of sobriety.

In Hawaii, there are an estimated 104,000 people fighting an alcohol and/or drug addiction. And unfortunately, many of the people caught in this vortex of substance abuse have also been diagnosed with some form of mental illness. When these two difficulties occur together, it is called a “dual diagnosis”. This often happens because many struggling with mental illness look for ways to self medicate. Needless to say, treating people with a dual diagnosis presents double the challenges that must be skillfully and holistically met with the right combination of therapies.

What Is Equine Therapy?

Equine therapy has become an increasingly popular modality for therapists working with individuals suffering a dual diagnosis of mental illness coupled with substance abuse. Working with horses in a therapeutic setting was originally developed for people with depression and anxiety, as well as those with eating disorders, OCD and developmental disabilities. Because substance abuse and mental health can be closely linked, many treatment centers have started offering (or partnering with other organizations to offer) equine therapy as an option to help those in recovery.

During equine therapy, a trained therapist works with individuals to teach them to care for and work with horses. As simple as that sounds, it accomplishes a complex job—grounding the patient and helping him or her explore and examine feelings, thoughts and obstacles that have hampered them for years. Participants can do this because the horse responds to the person’s emotional state and can give almost immediate feedback, but without having any kind of hidden agenda or trust issues.

Equine therapy has been a life-changer for many recovering addicts, particularly those who struggle with a co-occurring mental illness. Equine therapy is most often combined with other established treatment modalities, particularly 12-Step programs.

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Addiction Treatment Centers In Hawaii

While few addiction recovery centers in the Hawaiian Islands currently list equine therapy as an onsite treatment offering, this form of therapy is becoming more and more popular all the time in substance abuse treatment centers that work with individuals with a dual-diagnosis. So it is possible that treatment centers in the Islands have started, or may soon start to partner with other local organizations to offer equine therapy in a more robust manner. The following short list of addiction treatment centers in Hawaii provides just a small sampling of what is available on Oahu,

Helping Hands Hawaii, Honolulu

Located between the Honolulu International Airport and downtown Honolulu, Helping Hands Hawaii serves a broad swath of the population needing dual-diagnosis treatment for substance abuse, including men, women, seniors and the LGBT community. They have a wide variety of programs including intensive outpatient and inpatient-hospitalization modalities covered by many health insurance policies. They may be able to connect patients to equine therapy programs elsewhere on Oahu.

Sovereign Health Recovery Programs Treatment Facility, Kona

Serving the community of Kilauea on the Island of Kona, this facility has a wide range of traditional and holistic substance abuse and mental health treatment options ranging from intensive outpatient to inpatient programs, including equine therapy. They take most forms of insurance. They provide treatment for and serve both adolescent and adult populations experiencing a dual diagnosis.

Lokahi Treatment Centers Waiakea Villas, Hilo

Located in Hilo, on the big Island of Hawaii, Lokahi Treatment Centers focus on holistic and alternative treatment for individuals suffering with a dual diagnosis. They have programs for adolescents, adults and provide intensive outpatient treatment for these populations. They may be able to connect patients with equine therapy resources on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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